Throwback to 2011

Stuart Crosthwaite v Geoff Frost

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  1. Thanks for digging that out Geoff. Must have been some work as well to find a game where you beat me… Always good to see a French, even one where I felt flummoxed by move 6. It looks like you don’t have to be Alekhine to refute 6.exf6 – you took advantage of my mistake. At the time I was trying to recall what I knew about the MacCutcheon variation. All I could recall was that it was very sharp and that it was easy to go wrong! I did look at 21 Qa3+ and like you had no idea of how that would end up so I played it too safe to try to reach time control. By the way the Qg4 Winawer seems to be being played a fair bit by GMs these days.

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