Ravenfield vs Nomads E

Ravenfield Nomads E
David Tate 1 0 Les Day (w)
Andrew Shaw 1/2 1/2 Duncan Chambers
David Hall 1 0 Eric McKenna
Stephen Eyre 0 1 Robert Shaw
Martin Wilkes   0 1 Jo Woollard
Graham Peacock 0 1 Gordon Shaw

Nomads won the toss, and chose white on odds.

On board 1, the queens were swapped off early, leaving Les with doubled f pawns, and his king looking vulnerable on g2. Once all the pieces had been exchanged, Les was left with a bare king against three pawns, and resigned.

Meanwhile, Gordon won his opponent’s queen with a knight fork, then mated him on move 21 on h1, with his queen on h3 and a bishop on f2

Eric castled first, then exchanged minor pieces, ending up with a rook, opposite coloured bishops, and six pawns each. After much manoeuvring, Eric lost his rook, and resigned.

Duncan also castled first in a fairly quiet opening, then swapped off minor pieces, ending up with two rooks and five pawns (one on his seventh rank) against two rooks and six pawns. Duncan then exchanged rooks, gained a pawn advantage, but the position remained pretty even, so a draw was eventually agreed.

Robert won a rook for a knight in the middle game, then swapped down to rook and two pawns vs bishop and 3 pawns, a slight advantage.  Robert pushed his pawns, winning two pawns in the process, then swapped his rook for the bishop, giving him a won king and pawn endgame. Faced with inevitable promotion, Stephen resigned.

Jo was the last to finish, ending up in a rook and pawn endgame, with six pawns to four, and five minutes extra on the clock, but players had a passed pawn. Jo won her opponent’s rook with a promotion threat, then promoted one of her remaining pawns, giving her a queen and rook against a king and pawns. Mate soon followed.

Stephen Eyre vs Robert Shaw

Graham Peacock vs Gordon Shaw

Nomads E vs Ravenfield

Nomads E 5-1 Ravenfield
Mark Bartell (w) 1-0 A Shaw
Les Day 1-0 B Shaw
Eric McKenna 1-0 S Eyre
Graham Bex-Priestley 1-0 M Wilkes
Robert Shaw 0-1 D Hill
Natasha Withington 1-0 P Dexter

Our first match of the season, and we got off to a good start, winning the toss.

Natasha began with a queen’s pawn opening, swapped off both bishops early, gaining a rook for a knight. Pushing a pawn to promotion gave her two queens, a knight, and four pawns, against just a queen and three pawns. Her opponent resigned soon after, faced with a mate in two, an excellent win for Natasha in her game for us. Mark, meanwhile, won so fast I didn’t get time to see his game.

Graham and his opponent both castled king side., producing a quiet position. After a knight for bishop swap, Graham gained a rook and two pawn advantage. Victory followed soon after.

Eric also gained a rook early on, then swapped down. By move 31, he had a rook and four pawns against just three pawns. After a little manoeuvring his opponent resigned.

Robert picked up several pawns, planning to swap down pieces and push for promotion, but left himself open to a mate in two, which his opponent immediately spotted, our sole defeat of the night.

Les went into the end game with two rooks, a knight and one pawn against two rooks, a knight and two  pawn.  Les recovered a pawn, then pushed his h pawn to the 7th rank, with rooks on g7 and f6, and his knight on f7, putting his opponent under pressure. It looked like the h pawn would soon be promoted, but instead Les used that threat to force mate.