Nomads III vs Worksop

Nomads III 3 3 Worksop
Les Day (w) 0 1 Oliver Graham
David Kesteven 0 1 Phil Griffiths
Jo Woollard 0 1 Michael Clerk
Robert Shaw 1 0 Rob Porter
Duncan Chambers 1 0 Frank Holt
Eric McKenna 1 0 Default

Nomads won the toss, and chose white on odds.

Les opened aggressively, with early queen development, but eventually swapped down to a queen rook and pawn endgame, with a one pawn disadvantage. Once the queens were exchanged, Oliver was able to build on this small advantage, until Les resigned.

After castling king-side, David exchanged a bishop for a knight and constructed what looked like a solid defensive position. However Phil got his queen onto David’s second rank, undermining his position. After losing material to the queen, David resigned.

Robert responded to the Ponziani opening with 3 … Nf6, a variant noted for quiet play. After much manoeuvring, he won a bishop, then gained a  rook and a pawn for his other bishop bishop, giving him a clear rook and pawn advantage, with his queen threateningly poised on h3, close to white’s castled king., and doubled his rooks on the a file. White tried defending with queen checks, but once Robert found a safe refuge for his king, white could only prevent immediate mate by surrendering his queen, so resigned. Meanwhile, Duncan opened with a knight exchange, then steadily squeezed his opponent, until victory.

Out of consideration for her opponent, Jo played downstairs, so I missed most of her game, but she finished up in a rook and pawn ending, with g &h pawns against f, g & h, and a slight time disadvantage. Michael exchanged rooks, the forced an exchange of the h pawns, giving him a clear advantage, and then Jo’s flag fell.

With the score at three-all, Worksop won on board count, disappointing but, since Worksop out-graded us by over 45 points on four of the six boards, a very respectable result.

Rob Porter Vs Robert Shaw

Richardson Cup Nomads III

Woodseats I 6 0 Nomads III
Andrew Ledger 1 0 Les Day (w)
John Toscano 1 0 Eric McKenna
John Trafford 1 0 Robert Shaw
Andy Lee   1 0 Jo Woollard
Nigel Carpino 1 0 Duncan Chambers
Bill Ward 1 0 Gordon Shaw

For our first cup match of the season we had many familiar faces, and one not seen for 20 years: Duncan Chambers.

We won the toss, and chose to play white on odds. After that, it went downhill.

Eric was the first to succumb. After swapping off one pair of knights, he lost his queen to a discovered attack with check by the remaining knight, and resigned. Gordon went next. OBill’s Knight and bishop penetrated deep into Gordon’s position within the first dozen moves. Facing inevitable mate in two, he resigned.

Meanwhile, Robert offered up a knight in an attempt to lure his opponent into a draw by perpetual check, but John saw through this, avoiding the draw but taking the knight. Robert struggled on for a bit, still looking for a draw, but resigned when it was clear his position was hopeless.

After the initial exchanges, Les was left with two rooks, doubled on the d file, a bishop and six pawns, against two rooks, a bishop, a knight and four pawns, a slight material disadvantage. Andrew then outmanoeuvred Les, getting a pawn to e2. Facing inevitable promotion, Les resigned.

Jo began by swapping knight for bishop on f3. Further exchanges eventually left her with a knight and four pawns, one of them passed, against two bishops and five pawns, a significant material disadvantage.  Unable to push her passed pawn to promotion, or stop the advancing white pawns, Jo resigned.

Duncan was the last to finish.  After most of the pieces had been swapped off, starting with the queens, the game  came down to a knight, bishop and four pawns against a knight, bishop, and five pawns.After much manoeuvring, Nigel forced his way to inevitable promotion, and Duncan resigned.

Overall, while this was another whitewash for Nomads III, most of the games were closer than the scoreline might suggest. Duncan put in a particularly good performance, after his long absence.