Sheffield Deaf vs Nomads D

Sheffield Deaf   0.5 3.5 Nomads D
Michael Freund 0.5 0.5 Keith Wicks (w)
Peter Sharpe 0 1 Eric McKenna
Mick Simmons 0 1 Robert Shaw
David Whiston 0 1 Jo Woollard

We won the toss, and played white on odd boards.

Keith and his opponent swapped off queens early, then continued in the same vein. When they were down to a knight, a bishop, and four pawns each, they agreed a draw.

Robert tried a speculative knight sacrifice, generating significant pressure on Mick’s king, but was unable to force immediate mate. After swapping queens off, Robert won a bishop with a rook fork, then pressed home his material advantage, eventually mating the black king on h3.

Eric began by swapping off minor pieces then, after much manoeuvring , trapped his opponent’s queen on his back rank. They promptly resigned.

Jo was the last to finish.  After a quiet start she went into the middle game even on material – queen, two rooks, two bishops and a knight against queen, two rooks, two knights and a bishop.  She then won a bishop and pawn for a knight, giving her a slight material advantage, but was unable to break through. Eventually though, her opponent’s flag fell.



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