Rotherham B vs Nomads E

Rotherham B 1 4 Nomads E
Ed Sowerby 0 1 Eric McKenna (b)
John Baker 1/2 1/2 Duncan Chambers
Colin Whitehouse 1/2 1/2 Robert Shaw
Harry Dickinson   0 1 Jo Woollard
Neil Craig 0 1 David Kesteven

Rotherham won the toss, and chose white on odds.

Eric and Ed swapped off  a knight and bishop early, and castled kingside, producing a tangled position with plenty of active pieces. After some manoeuvring Eric won a queen and Ed resigned.

Duncan castled first, queenside. Both kings looked pretty open to attack, but neither player was quite able to force mate, so they eventually agreed a draw. Meanwhile, David opened by exchanging two knights for a knight and bishop, before mounting a strong attack on Neil’s castled king with his queen and both bishops. Faced with decisive material loss, Neil resigned.

Robert gained a pawn in the early middle gain, then tried to swap down to a won end game,  but Colin outmanoeuvred him and gained two pawns, leaving Robert with a rook and two pawns against a rook and three pawns.  He swapped off the rooks, then pushed a pawn to promotion, but Colin promoted simultaneously,  leaving Robert with a queen and two pawns against a queen and pawn. Unable to see a clear route to victory for either player, Robert offered a draw, which was quickly accepted.

Jo was the last to finish. After swapping off pieces, she was left with three pawns against two, but she had pawns on both sides of the board, unlike  Harry, so she was able to push a pawn to promotion. Harry resigned soon after.



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