Robert Shaw vs Alex Pilakoutas



  1. What’s wrong with 21. Bxf2 ? 21. … Rg3+ 22. Kf1 (22. Kh1 Qxf2 23. Re2 also looks good for White to me) Rf8. 23. Re2. Now what (bearing in mind Black is two pieces down at this point and White is threatening Ke1 breaking any pins)? I’ve not looked using a computer but it seems like White can hold on (with accurate/forced play) and if Black let’s the tension slip the two extra pieces will win. Am I missing something?

    1. No. I miscalculated. I saw 21 … Rxh4 22 Qe2, but thought 22 Rg4+ would give me strong threats, completely missing 22 … QxR. Your Bxf2 would definitely have been better.

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