Ravenfield Knights v Nomads D

Ravenfield Knights 1.5-2.5 Nomads D
A Shaw 0.5-0.5 Les Day
R Evans 0-1 Eric McKenna
B Shaw 1-0 Dave Kesteven
M Hoys 0-1 Jo Woollard

Another good win for the D team. It was a foggy night for a trip to the newly formed Ravenfield Knights, now playing at Braithwell. Robert had to pull out so Les kindly covered, he was first to finish, agreeing a draw in a fairly locked up position, material equal.

Eric was next to finish with our first win of the evening, apologies Eric, I did’t see any of your game.

I went into the end game with a Rook, Knight and 4 pawns, to my opponents rook and 5 pawns. I manage to win back the extra pawn, then with the knight and rook working together I gained a check which next move would have resulted in my opponent losing his rook, at which point he resigned.

Last to finish, Dave’s game was a bit of a roller coaster, he looked down and out a queen down, but kept going and out of nowhere gained a knight fork on his opponents king and queen getting himself right back into the game. Equal on material, 4 pawns, Dave a Knight and Barry a Bishop, it looked like he might be able to get the draw, but Barry’s a pawn kept advancing and Dave had to sacrifice his knight to stop it. Barry was then able to gobble up Dave’s remaining pawns and Dave resigned.

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