Norbury's Nine Pawn Game

This is what Ecclesall player Ken Norbury has been up to lately. Building on the lunacy first explored in “the Shuffleduck,” Ken sets out to prove that for the first dozen or so moves at least, the moving of pieces can be entirely avoided. Instead Ken seeks to push pawns only, in the manner of a beginner scarcely aware of the rules. Welcome to Ken’s “Nine Pawn Game”.

Detailed analysis of this game has yet to be done. Any thoughts or criticisms are more than welcome.

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  1. What a game. Here’s some stats which I hope will be of interest to this fascinating game.
    1-Kens 1st 12 moves were all pawn moves remarkable!
    2-Out of the total of 22 moves 15 were pawn moves (68%) made by Ken unbelievable. 4 moves by the bishop 2 white & 2 black.The other 3 moves were by the king, queen & knight (1 each) before checkmate was delivered. Outstanding play!
    3-Only 5 pieces were taken in the game, no surprise to say they were all pawns. 3 lost by ken 2 by white. The pawn theme continues. pawnificent
    4-Even white got infected by Kens pawn game. They made 9 pawn moves (41%) & out of the total of 44 moves made by both players 24 were pawn moves (55%) incredible pawn play!
    5-No checks were made in the game, only checkmate. And even that was phenomenal! It was a discovered checkmate. Sublime ending!!

    Nice play ken thanks for sharing such an unusual & unique game.
    Cheers Lez

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