Due to ambitious/reckless expansion plans new players needed. All ages, genders, heights, weights, nationalities, hairstyles, and abilities welcome (and bring a friend).

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General Enquires: 077 72 54 74 96

Any one fancy Chessboxing?!?

Do you think it could catch on in Sheffield? Welcome to chessboxing, the ultimate battle of physical and mental prowess  

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How to Play Chess like a Baboon…. And Win! (Part 2)

Once again Norbury plays over a dozen consecutive pawn moves, before bothering to touch a piece. His sloppy style of play delivers the results in a decidedly imperfect game, that is instructive nonetheless.

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The Turk The Turk is supported by The Arts Council of England and is a piece of dark mystery, philosophical adventure and dramatic showmanship. Here’s a quick introduction… The History: In 1770 an incredible ‘thinking machine’ was presented to Empress Maria Theresa of Austria that was to influence and bamboozle the world for over 80 years. … Continue reading “The Turk”

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Nomads beat Ecclesall in Richardson quarter final

We’d brought a formidable team for this anticipated quarter final match, with Sam Milson (back in Sheffield) and Kieran significantly improving our chances against a strong Ecclesall. But bumping into Dave Adams in The Abbey carpark, he tells me they’ve been expecting to see Sam: intelligence from somewhere…. But still, great players if not quite … Continue reading “Nomads beat Ecclesall in Richardson quarter final”

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The new ECF Grades are out

The new ECF grades have been published, a summary of club members is as follows:- for details go to  

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