Due to ambitious/reckless expansion plans new players needed. All ages, genders, heights, weights, nationalities, hairstyles, and abilities welcome (and bring a friend).

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General Enquires: 077 72 54 74 96

The Arena

Here is an idea for a virtual club night. The Arena. Everyday on Lichess there are arena tournaments that take various formats. The Arena is quite unlike a Swiss tournament. For a start there are no rounds. You play, and win or lose, you play again almost straight away, as soon as you reenter the … Continue reading “The Arena”

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First Nomads Online Chess Tournament

The format is 30 minutes with a 30 second increment, one game per week. The white player should contact the black player to arrange the game. An email with all the contact details of players has been sent to all entrants. If you have any queries please contact Results in by 8pm Sunday at … Continue reading “First Nomads Online Chess Tournament”

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Oskar Hackner vs Steve Withington I knew this game would be difficult. With my lucky monkeys sitting by the laptop I steeled myself and waited for Oskar’s challenge on lichess. At six o’clock the challenge came in. I clicked the green tick to accept and immediately the sky grew dark and the heavens opened. Thunder and lightning raged outside … Continue reading “Oskar Hackner vs Steve Withington”

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Throwback to 2011

Stuart Crosthwaite v Geoff Frost

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Online Chess during the current crisis

Meeting up to play will not be an option for at least three weeks, and quite possibly much longer.  So it looks like online chess will provide us with opportunities to keep playing and not let our wonderful chess community become dormant. Fortunately Oliver Brennan of Rotherham CC has been proactive and has organised an … Continue reading “Online Chess during the current crisis”

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