Nomads III vs Worksop

Nomads III 3 3 Worksop
Les Day (w) 0 1 Oliver Graham
David Kesteven 0 1 Phil Griffiths
Jo Woollard 0 1 Michael Clerk
Robert Shaw 1 0 Rob Porter
Duncan Chambers 1 0 Frank Holt
Eric McKenna 1 0 Default

Nomads won the toss, and chose white on odds.

Les opened aggressively, with early queen development, but eventually swapped down to a queen rook and pawn endgame, with a one pawn disadvantage. Once the queens were exchanged, Oliver was able to build on this small advantage, until Les resigned.

After castling king-side, David exchanged a bishop for a knight and constructed what looked like a solid defensive position. However Phil got his queen onto David’s second rank, undermining his position. After losing material to the queen, David resigned.

Robert responded to the Ponziani opening with 3 … Nf6, a variant noted for quiet play. After much manoeuvring, he won a bishop, then gained a  rook and a pawn for his other bishop bishop, giving him a clear rook and pawn advantage, with his queen threateningly poised on h3, close to white’s castled king., and doubled his rooks on the a file. White tried defending with queen checks, but once Robert found a safe refuge for his king, white could only prevent immediate mate by surrendering his queen, so resigned. Meanwhile, Duncan opened with a knight exchange, then steadily squeezed his opponent, until victory.

Out of consideration for her opponent, Jo played downstairs, so I missed most of her game, but she finished up in a rook and pawn ending, with g &h pawns against f, g & h, and a slight time disadvantage. Michael exchanged rooks, the forced an exchange of the h pawns, giving him a clear advantage, and then Jo’s flag fell.

With the score at three-all, Worksop won on board count, disappointing but, since Worksop out-graded us by over 45 points on four of the six boards, a very respectable result.

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