Nomads E vs Rotherham B

Nomads E 1 3 Rotherham B
Simon Nicholson 0 1 Chris Willey (b)
Eric McKenna 1 0 Default
Dave Kesteven 0 1 Philip Sharpe
Robert Shaw 0 1 Michael Snowdon

Rotherham defaulted on board two, due to a family emergency.

Dave and Philip both castled king-side, swapping off minor pieces, then Philip doubled his rooks on the d file, generating a strong attack.  After losing significant material, Dave resigned.

Simon played an obscure variant of the Caro-Kann  defence. Early on, he forced Chris to retreat his knight back to g8, but Chris soon recovered. Just as the game was starting to look like a draw, Simon’s flag fell, before move 30.

Robert gained a rook early on with a knight fork, but eventually blundered it away, leaving him with a lone knight against three pawns. While he was struggling to find a way to prevent promotion, his flag too fell.

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