Nomads D vs Ravenfield Bishops

Nomads D 4 1 Ravenfield Bishops
Simon Nicholson (w) 1 0 David Tate
Robert Shaw 1 0 Steve Eyre
Jo Woollard 1 0 David Hill
Dave Kesteven 1 0 Martin Wilkes
Ashley Rogers 0 1 Phil Dexter

Nomads won the toss, and chose white on odd boards.

Robert gained a couple of pawns early on, then swapped down to just a rook, a knight and pawns each. Both players promoted, but neither new queen lasted long. Robert ended up with a king and rook against a bare king, then Steve’s flag fell.

Jo also gained an early pawn, then she traded a knight for a bishop before gaining a full bishop, a decisive advantage. Simon went into the endgame with four pawns to one. When he forced promotion, his opponent resigned.

Ashley and Phil swapped down to rooks and pawns, then Phil outmanoeuvred Ashley, forcing promotion, so Ashley resigned. Meanwhile, after exchanging minor pieces and castling kingside, Dave sacrificed his queen to force mate.

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