Nomads D v Sheffield Deaf

Nomads D 1.5-2.5 Sheffield Deaf
Keith Wicks 0.5-0.5 Mike Freund
Dave Kesteven 0-1 Peter Sharpe
Jo Woollard 1-0 Mick Simmons
Jamie Dormer 0-1 David Whiston

A late withdrawl and player shortage eventually ended with a late phone call to Steve, who somehow managed to magic up yet another friend who plays chess to fill the gap. Jamie was first to finish, but enjoyed his experience and is willing to give it another go, thanks go to him for playing at such short notice. Dave felt he was struggling from early on but made Peter work for the victory, then Keith & Mike agreed the draw. With 2 rooks each, Mick a Knight and me a bishop, I was two pawns up (6 to 4) when Mick gave his Knight away and he resigned straight after.

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