Nomads C vs Darnall & Handsworth

Nomads C 5 1 Darnall & Handsworth B
Henry Withington (w) 0.5 0.5 Danny Dawson
Steve Withington 1 0 Craig Chatterton
John Woollard 1 0 Robert Black
Duncan Chambers 1 0 Brian Stephenson
Les Day 1 0 Bob Lindsay
Eric McKenna 0.5 0.5 Mick Turnidge

Many of the games were close, but Nomads C had a good result with 5 – 1, and have now won the forth division.

3 thoughts on “Nomads C vs Darnall & Handsworth”

  1. Well done to the C team last night on winning Division 4. The night started well with Duncan getting a good early win for the team. Eric was not far behind with a good draw from a locked up position. Steve was next to put a point on the board with a convincing win. Henry on top board got a great draw after being a pawn down for quite a bit. That made the scores 3-3 which meant we had won the league. John clinched the win on the night with a fantastic win after being a piece down for most of the game. I was last to finish & managed to edge a win after my opponent resigned before his flag fell. So that made the result 5-1 which really did not reflect the closeness of some of the games. I would like to thank John Woolard for playing for us at short notice after keith had to unfortunately pull out . John playing meant the players below did not have to move up a board and keeping our grade advantage at a healthy 20+ points per player on boards 4,5 & 6. Had John not played the result could well have been different so thanks again.

    I would like to thank all players who have played for the C team this year & played their part in winning the league & earning a well deserved promotion to Division 3. we still have 1 game to play next week at home against Barnsley but so far the stats read Pld 15 won 12 drawn 1 & lost 2. It has to be said that the team spirit we have amongst the squad this season has been fantastic & everyone should be commended on the attitude shown to the the teams goal to win the league this year & not about their own. whether that be standing down so stronger players can step in for vital games or taking a draw to secure the win for the team rather than play on to win for themselves & possibly lose or for anything else done for the good of the team. Its been a pleasure being captain of such a great squad & would like to thank my co-captain Steve who made sure the match result was always sent in straight away ensuring the rest of the league knew we were on a mission & the match report on here was always done the night of the match or the day after. Thanks again All on a fantastic season. CHEERS!

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