Nomads C vs Chestefield C

Nomads C 2 4 Chesterfield C
Henry Withington 1/2 1/2 I Edmundson
Steve Withingon 0 1 Brian Crofts
Duncan Chambers 0 1 T Amarnath
Keith Wicks 1/2 1/2 J Riley
Les Day 0 1 R May
Eric McKenna 1 0 H Schofield

What should have been a pretty evenly contested match became something of a walk-over for Chesterfield. Les lost his queen very early and resigned, only minutes later for Steve’s position to crumble entirely from what should have been a drawn position. Duncan faired little better. A win from Eric and draws from Keith and Henry were not enough to save the day, and Chesterfield C convincingly stopped Nomads C’s unbroken run without defeat.

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