Nomads (400) vs Woodseats

Nomads (400) 2 2 Woodseats
Keith Wicks 1 0 Brendan Ashmore (w)
Dave Kesteven 0 1 Kypros Pilakoutas
Robert Shaw 1 0 Alex Pilakoutas
Jo Woollard 0 1 Martyn Edwards

Woodseats won the toss,  and chose white on odds.

Keith went a knight up early on, then gained a rook, giving him a decisive advantage. His opponent soon resigned.

Dave and his opponent both castled king side, then he swapped off a bishop for knight before gaining a bishop. However, Kypros traded his queen for a rook and bishop, trading a slight material disadvantage for strong mating threats. After a brief struggle, Dave resigned.

After a  complex exchange in the early middle game, Robert went into the endgame with a queen and five pawns against a rook, a knight, and three pawns, a clear material advantage, though not a guaranteed win.  After some manoeuvring, he mated the white king on g6.

Jo gained a pawn early in a quiet opening, then traded a bishop and knight for a rook and pawn, but was eventually outmanoeuvred,  being mated in the middle of the board.


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