Nomads I vs SASCA II

Well SASCA 2 could only raise 3 players for the match. They had to play it to gain access to the Plate. I was able to give Jeremy and Nick the night off. So only 3 games played. On Board 2 Sam’s opponent played a fairly accurate French defence and I thought that this could develop into a reasonable game. When I next returned, Sam had won his opponent’s Queen on a full board…1-0

Daniel was not unduly troubled and won a piece in 6 moves. He just played it out to a win nothing tricky, just winning material as he went…2-0

Paul on Board 1 had a very long game. Black in a Benoni he seemed to have all the chances, but probably failed to note the drawishness of the Bishops Opposite colours in a very locked position. Finally as we were putting the rest of the sets and tables away (assisted by his opponent, thanks !) Paul made a breakthrough and was able to infiltrate with his Rook…3-0, or 6-0

We now have a Bye until the New Year.

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