Steve Withington vs John Neely

Sheffield Nomads Chess Club

3 thoughts on “Steve Withington vs John Neely”

  1. Good finish Steve. I should have been calmer here in the critical moments. I’m annoyed I didn’t play 15…Ne3 my first thought, this just wins the exchange after the queen moves. Also a very instructive idea came up when I looked over the game with the computer yesterday – 19…Qd6 threatening mate, after 20.g3 the calm and centralising move 20…Qe5 just holds everything together and white is busted. Hard to find quiet moves in the middle of a melee though. 19…Nf2+?? was just stupid on my part. A good job of mixing things up though and creating a difficult position on the board. As ever an interesting game though (one day I’m sure we will play a very quiet dull draw, not sure when though.)

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