Online Chess during the current crisis

Meeting up to play will not be an option for at least three weeks, and quite possibly much longer.  So it looks like online chess will provide us with opportunities to keep playing and not let our wonderful chess community become dormant. Fortunately Oliver Brennan of Rotherham CC has been proactive and has organised an … Continue reading “Online Chess during the current crisis”

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New ECF Grades


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New Grades are out….

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A Team Captains report

Firstly I want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who played for me this season. The help & support I received from everyone was fantastic & very much appreciated. Players agreeing to play weeks in advance of the next match made my job so much easier to organise teams. Looking at the season … Continue reading “A Team Captains report”

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Online Players

Any players who would like their online chess profile(s) listed on this site please email your details (username, platform, and link to profile if possible) to Steve Withingon. The list will appear here: Online Chess Players

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Any one fancy Chessboxing?!?

Do you think it could catch on in Sheffield? Welcome to chessboxing, the ultimate battle of physical and mental prowess  

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The Turk

https://performancevenues.group.shef.ac.uk/events/the-turk/ The Turk is supported by The Arts Council of England and is a piece of dark mystery, philosophical adventure and dramatic showmanship. Here’s a quick introduction… The History: In 1770 an incredible ‘thinking machine’ was presented to Empress Maria Theresa of Austria that was to influence and bamboozle the world for over 80 years. … Continue reading “The Turk”

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The new ECF Grades are out

The new ECF grades have been published, a summary of club members is as follows:- for details go to http://ecfgrading.org.uk/new/menu.php  

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Joining the ECF

Following the demise of the Chessnuts grading site, the Sheffield League have voted to join the ECF (English Chess Federation) so that games will continue to be graded. As discussed at our AGM in June, due to the charges a club can be liable for if a non member plays more than three games, we decided that … Continue reading “Joining the ECF”

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Nomads playing in the British Championships

There are three Nomads entered in the British Championships taking place in Hull at the moment, Chris in the Over 65’s, Jon in the Over 50’s and Nick in the U1900 & the Rapidplay.  You can keep up with their progress at the following link:- http://chess-results.com/tnr367975.aspx?lan=1&art=0&fed=ENG&flag=30

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