H Feather vs R Shaw

3 thoughts on “H Feather vs R Shaw”

  1. What about 19. … d4 If 20. Ne5 (‘trapping’ the queen) then 20. … dxe3+ followed by Qxf4 and your queen escapes, the knight is undermined and White’s king is exposed. If 20. Ne5 is delayed, worst-case scenario you exchange bishop for knight and keep the exchange advantage.

  2. Actually, looking again I’m not sure that works. 19. … e5 might though, giving up the pawn to give your queen an escape diagonal.

  3. On reflection, 19 … e5 does look like a better move. I’d rather lose a pawn than give up a rook for a bishop. I haven’t checked with the computer, but white’s king looks pretty exposed so I ought to be able to win from the resulting position.

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