Guide for using the new digital clocks

Apologies, I don’t know how to get images onto here, so this is all text, but hopefully it’s quite straightforward. There are various different settings the new clocks (the burgundy coloured ones) can be used on (there is a list on the bottom of the clocks), but to keep it simple I have just listed below how to get them ready for a Sheffield League match time.

The on / off button is on the bottom of the clock, press that.

A number should appear on the front of the clock. This should be number 5. If it is not number 5, use the + or – buttons on the left of the front of the clock to move this number either up or down. Then press the tick button on the front of the clock.

If it is number 5, then press the tick button on the right of the front of the clock. This will then take you through to the time settings. These should be correct, so all you have to do is keep pressing the tick button to take you through, it will move through two lots of 1.00.00, then show 2 x 15.00, which is the additional time. Keep pressing tick until the clock shows the 1.00 on both sides.

After each of the two times, there is a little symbol – one black and one clear, to show colours. Use the top grey bar (the bit you press when you have played your move) to make sure the black is lined up with the black colours and the clear with the white (this depends on which side of the table you are placing your clock).

It’s then ready to go. To start the clock press the ‘play pause’ button on the front in the centre. The 15 minutes will be added to both clocks when the first clock reaches zero, so it is up to you to make sure your opponent has reached 30 moves by this point.

Switch off when finished, button on bottom of clock.

Anyone who wants any further instruction, just let me know.

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