Ecclesall Social Chess Evening

Ecclesall CC: Invitation to all – Tues 1st March

Ecclesall Chess Club are holding a Social Chess Evening
on Tuesday 1st March 2016 at Dore and Totley Golf Club.

It is believed that there is insufficient opportunity for chess players to play casual chess (and interact socially with players from other chess clubs).

The event is open to all chess players (and even possibly those that wish to learn). There is no charge for attendance although it is hoped that attendees will purchase at least one drink from the bar (teas, coffees, hot chocolate and soft drinks are also available). The event will effectively be whatever the attendees wish to do but it is expected that most players will play casual chess. Some will probably want to go over positions from games/ openings etc. and this will also be available. Some coaching for weaker players may also be available.

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