Ecclesall E vs Nomads E

Ecclesall E Nomads E
Mike Howarth 1/2 1/2 Eric McKenna (w)
Elliot Spencer 0 1 Peter Morton
John Speck 1 0 Dave Kesteven
Ken Scott 1 0 Robert Shaw
Peter Mitchell 0 1 Jo Woollard

Nomads won the toss, and chose white on odds.

Dave soon went a knight down. He lured Speck’s king to f7, where it looked pretty vulnerable, but this didn’t prove to be enough. Robert  also lost a piece early on, following a miscalculation in a promising position. He was able to generate some pressure with promotion threat on the a file, but eventually resigned.

Eric maintained material parity throughout his game, both players ending up with six pawns, a knight, and a bishop, on opposite colours. Once it was clear neither player could break through, a draw was agreed.

Peter and Elliot swapped off queens early, then Peter lost the exchange, going a knight for a rook down. He did have an extra pawn in compensation, but three of how pawns were trebled on the e file. However, Peter eventually recovered material in a tangled position, and then his opponents flag fell, before move 30.

Jo and Peter both castled kingside, with an open pawn structure on the queenside. After swapping bishops off, Jo went an exchange up: queen, two rooks and six pawns against queen, rook, knight, and six pawns. She tehn pressed this slight advantage home, until Peter resigned.


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