Club League 2017/18

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The Club League will be starting on Tuesday 11th July at Trades & Labour Club 7.45-8pm. The plan is to have have 2 more nights during the Summer season on the 15th August & 19th September, to kickstart the competition before the league starts in October. Depending on amount of players taking part, we will be making Divisions of between 4-6 players where there will be an all play all, playing each player twice one as white, other black. So each player will be playing a minimum of 6 games & a maximum of 10 in the year. The games will played over the normal League time control. Players can contact their opponent anytime throughout the year to arrange to play their games. I will be giving each player a list of the players in their Division with their phone number & email address on & which of these would be their prefered method of contact. There will be constant updates on the Nomads website of results & new League positions as results are sent through to me. We have had a great response so far with 8 players interested in playing, they are
Jeremy Hamm,
Henry Withington,
Steve Withington,
Keith Wicks,
Rob Nield,
Eric Mckenna,
Robert Shaw
Lez Day

I would really appreciate everyone getting in touch whether they want to play or not by the 30th June so we can get things finalised & ready to start on 11th July. You can do this by either email,phone or text my number is 07888745616. If all players can play on the 3 nights planned during the summer I would envisage players having to play on average 1 game every 5-8 weeks during the League from October – June, which should not interfere with players League games. We will during the course of the season set aside nights when there is no League or cup chess to play matches in our Club League. Thanks to everyone who has responded so far & look forward to everyone else replying A.S.A.P please. If you have any questions or want anymore information please don’t hesitate to ask.

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