Chesterfield C vs Nomads C

There was a beautiful sunset (picture above) as the Nomads set off for Chesterfield.

Henry lost fairly early on, and Dave turned down a draw from a commanding position only to lose. Les, Peter and Eric all secured wins. Nomads only needed a draw to win from here. Steve was in a queens and pawns endgame with two extra pawns. Despite the advantage, the game was sharp and there were a few times when it looked like Mr Amarnath was going to salvage a draw or even win. In the end he timed out after a very interesting endgame. So a great start to the season for Nomads C.

Chesterfield C 2-4 Nomads C
Brian Crofts 1-0 Henry Withington
T Amarnath 0-1 Steve Withington
J Devine 0-1 Les Day
J Lindebaun 0-1 Peter Morton
G Allen 0-1 Eric McKenna
John Riley 1-0 Dave Kesteven


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