Chess Sets from my Childhood

My Dad made this Isle of Lewis set in 1974, using plaster of Paris, and moulds bought from the Exchange & Mart. He painted them with poster paints and varnished them. He made another one as a gift for a family friend.

This beauty was made in plastic and had a cardboard board. It was last used in 1983 and was probably introduced by my parents as safe alternative to earlier heavier wooden sets that were regularly flung at victorious opponents (not by me of course 🙂 ).

Any Nomads, or players from other clubs, got unusual or old chess sets? Why not post them here? I’ve got one or two more that I shall dig out.

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  1. I particularly like the first chess set – it’s got it’s own home made charm to it!

    I have a few unusual chess sets including a Malaysian one. I went through a bout of collecting them at one point. I’ll put some pictures up once I can dig them out

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