Darnall & H B vs Nomads

Darnall & H B 0 5 Nomads
Andrew Nettleship 0 1 Steve Withington (w)
Harry Feather 0 1 Les Day
Joel C Fair 0 1 Rob Nield
Colin Greighton 0 1 Eric McKenna
Ralph Batty 0 1 Jo Woollard

Nomads’ first match in the Summer League was played in blistering heat. Fortunately Darnall & Handsworth provided an excellent selection of fine ales. Steve was first to finish with an early pawn promotion, and soothed his parched throat with a Blond Witch and an Old Speckled Hen. Nomads were to win on all boards in some quite tough games.

Nomads vs Rotherham B

Nomads 2 3 Rotherham B
Steve Withington 0.5 0.5 Pete Catt (w)
Duncan Chambers 0.5 0.5 Chris Willey
Les Day 0 1 Andy Baxter
Eric McKenna 0 1 Ed Sowerby
Ben Remy 1 0 Mick Snowden

This was a closely contested match that saw another win for new Nomad, Ben Remy, and an epic swindle for Steve. Everything hinged on Les’s game – a difficult imbalanced endgame. Despite a valiant effort, and his opponent’s time trouble, it was not to be. All the same – it was a great summer league match.


Woodseats Olympians vs Nomads

Woodseats Olympians 1 3 Nomads
Nick Kanellis 0 1 Henry Withington
Bill Ward 0.5 0.5 Keith Wicks
Michael Mullin 0.5 0.5 Jo Woollard
Steve Dakin 0 1 Ashley Rogers

As Woodseats Olympians and Nomads clashed in the Red Lion, we were also “entertained” by England vs Slovakia (0 – 0). All the excitement was on the chess boards, rather than the pitch.