Geoff Frost vs Peter Catt

Beautiful Bad Chess

The beauty of flawed chess games should never be underestimated. Here is a raw blitzy adventure that illustrates how plain bad moves can sometimes deliver unlikely victories.

In this game white strays from the path of righteousness quite early on. However, there are useful themes contained in this little rough gem that could be used in more serious games.

Has anyone else got crazy blitz games they’d like to post here. I’d love to see them.

Oskar Hackner vs Steve Withington

I knew this game would be difficult. With my lucky monkeys sitting by the laptop I steeled myself and waited for Oskar’s challenge on lichess. At six o’clock the challenge came in. I clicked the green tick to accept and immediately the sky grew dark and the heavens opened. Thunder and lightning raged outside and my lucky monkeys looked somehow forlorn.

It wasn’t too long before Oskar had outplayed me and over run my position, and I had no alternative but to resign. At this point the electrical storm ended abruptly and the sky began to brighten.

Online chess is turning out to be a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to the next round.

Throwback to 2011

Stuart Crosthwaite v Geoff Frost

Geoff Frost v Mark White

Geoff Frost and his County exploits

Nomads A 6.5 – 1.5 Ecclesall A

It was the week before Christmas and Chris’s Mean Machine rolled out to do battle with last year’s Champions Ecclesall. Missing Captain Chris and his noble stand-in captain earlier in the season, Andrew. Thus it was left to humble servant who had over the years been adept at exchanging teams and tossing coins. This art seems to be lost, as the coin fell on the floor and Alan called correctly. Not an auspicious start.

So we set off. John was not present and frantic phonecalls resulted in him driving over at great speed before his flag fell. (Do flags still fall?) Whilst John was enroute Kieran with the precious white pieces yawned his way to 14 moves in a Slav before remembering he had either left something in the oven or wanted to watch something on TV. I played a Czech Benoni against Alan. He played it cautiously and only the b file was opened. The prospect of all the Rooks and probably the Queens prompted a draw offer. Not by me honest!  Jon and Jim played  1.d4 d6. When it was old it was the Old Indian, when it was modern, it was the Modern. What do I know? I cannot even toss the coin correctly. It seemed a base line game and a draw quickly ensued. So 3 draws.

By now John was in full flow, made up his time lost and quickly won. I was in and out of the room as I cannot watch….

When I retuned Sam was a piece down for a really monster position and an unstoppable h pawn. Naturally I assumed that the piece had been sacrificed….Wrong.  An accidental pieceloss to get a winning position.

Oskar who seems to be fearless, sacked the exchange as black in a Tarrasch. You know where  white’s Queen gets buried at h8.  Ewan was up to the task and a hair-raising game ensued. Oskar won – see below.

Oskar’s game v Ewan Cormack – with annotations possibly to be added later.

The match was won but Vasilis and Stuart were playing powerfully and confidently and the match was rounded off in style. 6 ½- 1 ½.


Daniel Sullivan vs Steve Withington

Daniel Mooney vs Steve Withington

Steve Withington vs Steve Housley