Barnsley v Nomads (400 league)

Barnsley 0.5 – 3.5 Nomads
Anthony Steele 0-1 Les Day
Russel Roe 0.5-0.5 Eric McKenna
Alan Taylor 0-1 Jo Woollard
Mike Charlton 0-1 Gordon Shaw

Our second outing in the 400 league (all team members grades must add up up to less than 400, maximum grade 120) took us to Barnsley. Robert wasn’t well, so Gordon kindly stepped in to his place.

Les was first to finish, around move 6 he made an error which would have resulted in being a piece down. Luckily his opponent didn’t spot this and two moves later Les found himself a piece up! He then simplified and 20 moves later victory came.

Gordon was next to notch up a win, around move 20 he got the first of 12 continuous checks, until finally his opponent had nowhere left to go and Gordon had mate.

After a tight start, I found myself 2 pawns up, which was then followed up with an exchange. Faced with losing a further piece, Alan resigned.

Eric was last to finish, agreeing a draw in a fairly locked up position, giving us victory 0.5 – 3.5.

All was well until I got home to find Mr Wool had accidentally locked me out of the house. What japes ensued…..

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