Aughton A vs Nomads B

Sheffield Nomads Chess Club
Aughton A 2.5 – 3.5 Nomads B
Jim Barker 0.5 – 0.5 Peter Morton (w)
Kevin Marshall 0 – 1 Steve Withington
Dave Glossop 0 – 1 Duncan Chambers
Barry Williams 0 – 1 Eric McKenna
Patrick Connolly 1 – 0 Jo Woollard
John Reynolds 1 – 0 Arkady English

This was a very close match and an excellent result for Nomads.

Kev Marshall vs Steve Withington

Black to play and avoid being massacred…

I had a fascinating game against Kev Marshall who in this position had just played 12. Nxe5

Two knights en prise and I couldn’t take either, things were looking pretty grim for me. But Kev’s run of good moves ended and he handed me the game.

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