Nomads 400 vs Stannington

Eric swapped knight for bishop, then both players castled kingside. After a few more exchanges they were each left with a queen, rook, knight and four pawns, but while they had material parity Eric was coming under time pressure. When his opponent threatened promotion Eric lost a rook for a knight, then resigned. Robert’s opponent…

Aughton vs Nomads C

Aughton, still roofless, played at Rotherham and were ruthless.

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No club 21st March

The Trades and Labour Club are hosting a funeral gathering on Tuesday 21st March, so there will be no chess club that evening.

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Nomads D vs Darnall

Eric and his opponent both castled kingside, swapping off pieces in an open position, but neither was able to gain any advantage. Eric described the final result as a hard-fought draw. Robert Nield and his opponent also both castled kingside. After the initial exchanges Robert was left with a knight and four pawns against a…

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