Nomads A v Barnsley A

Matches against Barnsley are always tough. We had the advantage of a default win on board 8 after a late withdrawal through illness. The match proceeded cautiously with no real early advantages. Nick took a gambit pawn and seemed to be keeping it but lost it back in the middlegame. Mike won a pawn but…

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Nomads D vs Ravenfield

Nomads won the toss, and chose white on odd boards. Robert emerged from the opening with a bishop and five pawns against a bishop and four pawns. After much manoeuvring, he miscalculated, ending up in this position: Seeing no way to prevent his opponent forcing promotion, Robert resigned. Eric’s game began well, but eventually deadlocked,…

Worksop B vs Nomads C

With the score standing at 3 – 2 everything hinged on Les’s game with Rob. Anything less than a win and the match would be lost. Fortunately Les had an extra pawn, and in a tense endgame accurate play ensured a win, and Nomads levelled the scores for a drawn match.

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