The Summer League begins

The Summer League is starting. Nomads have a team in Division Three and their fixtures can be found here. League table All division three fixtures Anyone who would like to play who hasn’t already contacted Steve please do so. or 07799787080

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Norbury's Nine Pawn Game

This is what Ecclesall player Ken Norbury has been up to lately. Building on the lunacy first explored in “the Shuffleduck,” Ken sets out to prove that for the first dozen or so moves at least, the moving of pieces can be entirely avoided. Instead Ken seeks to push pawns only, in the manner of…

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Ravenfield Knights vs Nomads D

After a quiet opening, first Robert then his opponent gave away a rook, ending up in a rook and pawn endgame with Robert two pawns down. Once Roy forced promotion Robert resigned. Gordon and Pete swapped off queens early, with Gordon gaining a bishop then winning a rook with a knight fork, a decisive material…

Nomads D vs Ravenfield Bishops

Nomads won the toss, and chose white on odd boards. Robert gained a couple of pawns early on, then swapped down to just a rook, a knight and pawns each. Both players promoted, but neither new queen lasted long. Robert ended up with a king and rook against a bare king, then Steve’s flag fell.…

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