Steve Moon vs Henry Withington

Games from the Past

I’ve found a hundred or so Nomads games on the old dokuwiki site dating from May 2012 to June 2014. I shall be adding these to this site over the next few weeks.

To start off here is a Summer League game from May 2012 Hards vs Johnson.

As more games are added you can find them by looking on the left hand side of this site in the archive section. (Notice May 2012 has now appeared there.)

Sasca E vs Nomads D

Sasca E Nomads D
M Hemmingway 1 0 Eric McKenna (b)
B Hemmingway 1 0 Robert Shaw
C Deery 0 1 Jo Woollard
D Evans 1/2 1/2 Gordon Shaw

Sasca won the toss, and chose white on odds.

Jo exchanged a bishop and knight early, then castled kingside while her opponent castled queenside. She made good use of her rooks, squeezing her opponent until he resigned.

Robert got his queen trapped in the midgame, trading it for a knight and bishop. He played on for a while, looking for tactical resources, but when he was reduced to rook and pawns against queen and pawns, he resigned,

Gordon’s opponent captured his rook on a1 fairly early, leaving him down on material and under strong pressure, but during the following exchanges Gordon gained three pawns,  and pinned his opponents rook against their queen, winning a rook for a bishop, thus restoring approximate material parity. After some manoeuvring, a draw was agreed.

Eric was the last to finish. Early on, he castled kingside, getting a solid position with decent development, then won a bishop for a pawn, giving him a clear material advantage.  By move 22,  he was also comfortably ahead on time, with 15 minutes left on the clock to his opponents five.

However, this small advantage proved insufficient. After much manoeuvring,  Eric resigned, faced with decisive material loss and probable mate.



Clay Cross B vs Nomads C

Clay Cross B 2 4 Nomads C
Brian Lever 0 1 Henry Withington
Neil Cameron 1 0 Steve Withington
Brian Readhead 0 1 Duncan Chambers
Jerome Redhead 0.5 0.5 Keith Wicks
Keith Myhill 0.5 0.5 Les Day
Frank Pearson 0 1 Eric McKenna


Steve’s promising early attack floundered and Neil’s powerful queenside counter attack proved swift and lethal. Wins for Henry and Eric, and draws for Les and Keith left Duncan needing only a draw for match victory. Brian was under pressure and in a slightly worse position than Duncan and he eventually resigned.