The new ECF grades

There was unfortunately a glaring omission in the list of ECF grades I published. Searching under Sheffield, Chris, who is registered only under the 4NCL team he plays for, didn’t show up! Apologies Chris! Revised list above.

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Nomads A vs Barnsley A

Nomads A took a hard fought point from the match against Barnsley A. We were both weaker than usual and welcomed yet another Withington to the team Sam. At my first glance round, Sam and Steve were not doing too well, Jamie and Henry were clearly better. Sam did lose as did Steve. Steve’s kingside…

Woodseats A v Nomads A

Jon won a grinding ending R+N v R+B. A really good knight v a pretty bad bishop. Jon said he could play the position all day…from what I saw Nigel pushed his King side pawns and gave Jon targets. Nigel was short of time Chris won a nice game just overpowering Andy. Final position double…

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Worksop C vs Nomads D

We won the toss, and chose white on odds. Gordon won his game in just twelve moves, mating Ross on his back rank with the queen, supported by the bishop. Robert’s game also started promisingly, but then he blundered on move 23, allowing Ian to deliver check with a discovered attack on the queen. Robert…

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