Nomads C vs Clay Cross B

Nomads C 4 2 Clay Cross B
Henry Withington 1 0 Brian Lever
John Woollard 0 1 Neil Cameron
Steve Withington 1 0 Brian Readhead
Keith Wicks 1 0 Jerome Redhead
Les Day 1 0 Keith Myhill
Eric McKenna 0 1 Frank Pearson


A finely balanced match was decided only when Henry had won against Brian. Nomads C are now joint top of the table with Stannington C with two games in hand.

Steve Eyre vs Robert Shaw

Graham Peacock vs Gordon Shaw

Nomads D vs Ravenfield Bishops

Ravenfield Bishops 1.5 4.5 Nomads D
David Tate (b) 0 1 Keith Wicks
Rob Beevers 0 1 Eric McKenna
David Hill 1 0 Dave Kesteven
Steve Eyre 0.5   0.5 Robert Shaw
Martin Wilkes 0 1 Jo Woollard
Graham Peacock 0 1 Gordon Shaw

Jo won the toss.

Robert pinned Steve’s knight against his queen, trying to set up a pin on the queen itself, but when the exchanges were resolved both players were left with a rook and four pawns., so a draw was soon agreed.

After some early exchanges, Gordon gained a queen, then traded his queen for a mate.

Dave and David both castled king-side, swapping off minor pieces. Dave  generated promising mating threats, but David manoeuvred through them to mate him.

Eric went a bishop up early on, trading off both knights for a clear material advantage.  After some manoeuvring,  he mated Robert’s exposed king  with his queen, supported by a distant bishop.

Keith swapped down to queen, rook and 7 pawns against a queen, rook and just five pawns, then forced promotion. Once he had two queens, mate quickly followed.

Jo and Martin both castled king-side.  Jo established a strong defensive position, then won both rooks, gaining a pawn in the process.  Once the minor pieces were swapped off, she advanced a pawn to the sixth rank, forced a queen exchange, then promoted, leaving her with a queen, two rooks, and six pawns against just three pawns. There was still a chance of stalemate traps, but Jo avoided those and forced mate.



G Frost v S Housley

Nomads D vs Worksop C

Nomads E Worksop C
Eric McKenna (w) 1 0 H Osborne
Dave Kesteven 0 1 Tim England
Jo Woollard 0.5 0.5 Alan Story
Natasha Withington 0 1 Ross Phillips

Playing the English opening, Eric put his bishop on g2 and quickly went two pawns up then castled king-side.  In the mid-game he won the queen with a knight fork, then pinned his opponent’s rook.  Osborne promptly resigned.

Jo also played the English opening, putting her bishop on g2 and castling king-side.  Eventually, Alan traded his queen for a rook, then immediately won Jo’s queen with a knight fork, but Jo captured his knight, leaving her with a bishop, knight and five pawns against a bishop, rook, and five pawns, a slight disadvantage but not decisive. A draw was soon offered, and accepted.

Dave developed his pieces solidly, avoiding speculative gambits, then swapped down to queen, rook and knight, with a one pawn deficit. After much manoeuvring, the queens were swapped off, but then Tim forced mate.

Natasha went a knight down early on, then lost her queen to a knight fork, and her knight was forced to retreat to h5.  Ross then forced an exchange of the remaining rooks, before pressing home the attack. Faced with multiple strong mating threats Natasha resigned.


Henry Withington vs Joel Thiruchelvan