Sheffield Deaf vs Nomads D

We won the toss, and played white on odd boards. Keith and his opponent swapped off queens early, then continued in the same vein. When they were down to a knight, a bishop, and four pawns each, they agreed a draw. Robert tried a speculative knight sacrifice, generating significant pressure on Mick’s king, but was…

Stannington C vs Nomads C

The Nomads C team 2015 – 2016 campaign continued last night with a good victory against Stannington C. Old Nomad, Ray Trigg fell to Henry after a difficult endgame. A congress weary Woollard suffered a rare defeat, and Steve was two pawns down. But a refreshing pint of Screech Owl (particularly good in the New…

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Nomads (400) vs Woodseats

Woodseats won the toss,  and chose white on odds. Keith went a knight up early on, then gained a rook, giving him a decisive advantage. His opponent soon resigned. Dave and his opponent both castled king side, then he swapped off a bishop for knight before gaining a bishop. However, Kypros traded his queen for…

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