Sheffield Deaf vs Nomads E

Sheffield Deaf 1½-2½ Nomads E
Michael Freund   1/2 – 1/2   John Woollard (w)
Pete Sharpe 0-1 Eric Mckenna
M Simmonds 1-0 Robert Shaw
David Whiston 0-1 Jo Wollard

Robert blundered early on, losing a couple of pieces. He defended as best he could for a while, then resigned once there was no longer any prospect of recovering material through pins, forks, or skewers.

John and his opponent both castled king-side, and swapped off bishops. A subsequent queen swap left John with a slightly stronger looking position, but no clear lines of attack. After some probing showed the position was deadlocked, a draw was agreed.

Eric and his opponent began by exchanging minor pieces, ending up with the queen, two rooks, and a knight each, but Pete was forced to double pawns on both the c and f files, giving Eric a slight advantage.

Eric then won a knight with a pawn fork, leaving him with a rook, knight and four pawns against just  a rook and four pawns.  Pete resigned shortly afterwards, when it became clear he couldn’t prevent promotion.

Jo gained a bishop early, then traded a rook for a bishop and knight, before using a promotion threat to win a rook outright. heading into the  endgame with two knights and three pawns against just two pawns.  After considerable manoeuvring , Jo was able to force promotion, so her opponent resigned.


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