Ken Dewhurst 1962-2017

An appreciation by Jon Nelson and friends Sheffield Nomads chess club lost one of its founding members before Christmas. Our friend Ken passed away on 16 December and very sadly Nomads members did not become aware of his death until after Ken’s funeral had taken place on 8 January in his native Lancashire. Ken had … Continue reading “Ken Dewhurst 1962-2017”

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Jon Arnott vs Andrew Hards

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Barnsley A vs Nomads A, 5th December 2017

We’ve struggled at Barnsley more than once in the past, and today was no exception. A default on the bottom board was not a good start. I spent most of the evening outside coughing or in the bathroom so didn’t see a great deal of the games. A draw after 25 or so minutes on … Continue reading “Barnsley A vs Nomads A, 5th December 2017”

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Marek Gajdosz vs Andrew Hards

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Darnall and Handsworth A vs Nomads A, 29/01/2018

Our second match of 2018 and a trip to dark horses, Darnall and Handsworth. They were missing a number of their top boards from this season, which undoubtedly helped us albeit we were also not at our strongest and indeed, I only managed to scrape together a full team on the morning of the match. … Continue reading “Darnall and Handsworth A vs Nomads A, 29/01/2018”

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Ken Dewhurst

We’ve learned with great sadness that Ken has died. We’re currently not sure of the circumstances, though we do know he died on 16th December. Ken had played continuously for Nomads since it was established in the 1980s – along with Chris Shephard and others, he was a founding member of the club. It’s hard … Continue reading “Ken Dewhurst”

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A good turnout for the first night matches in the Club League. We had 11 out of the 15 entered turn up giving us 5 games. one in Division 1 & two each in Divisions 2 & 3. Winners on the night were Geoff in Div 1. Eric in Div 2 & Reggie & Sam … Continue reading “CLUB LEAGUE”

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Club League 2017/18

Hi All The Club League will be starting on Tuesday 11th July at Trades & Labour Club 7.45-8pm. The plan is to have have 2 more nights during the Summer season on the 15th August & 19th September, to kickstart the competition before the league starts in October. Depending on amount of players taking part, … Continue reading “Club League 2017/18”

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No club 21st March

The Trades and Labour Club are hosting a funeral gathering on Tuesday 21st March, so there will be no chess club that evening.

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Tony Goddard dies aged 69

I heard the sad news yesterday evening that Tony Goddard has been found dead in his flat. Tony played several games of chess for Nomads in 2013. He was a well-known Sheffield character, a highly intelligent man and a complex individual. Tony was an extremely strong Go (Wei Qi) player who had played many times … Continue reading “Tony Goddard dies aged 69”

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