Ravenfield Knights vs Nomads D

Ravenfield Knights 1 3 Nomads D
Andrew Shaw 0 1 Les Day (w)
Roy Evans 1 0 Robert Shaw
Michael Hoyes 0 1 Jo Woollard
Pete Sharman 0 1 Gordon Shaw

After a quiet opening, first Robert then his opponent gave away a rook, ending up in a rook and pawn endgame with Robert two pawns down. Once Roy forced promotion Robert resigned.

Gordon and Pete swapped off queens early, with Gordon gaining a bishop then winning a rook with a knight fork, a decisive material advantage. After some more manoeuvring, Gordon delivered this mate on move 30:

Coming out of the opening, Les had a dangerous looking knight on e5, but his opponent traded off minor piece. Both players were left with a queen, a single rook, and pawns, but Les had a four pawn advantage which proved sufficient for him to win a queen outright. Andrew then resigned.

In a quiet opening Jo and Michael both castled kingside. Jo won a queen for two pieces, but then Michael pinned her rook, gaining a rook for a bishop. However Jo won a knight with a queen fork, leaving her with a queen, rook and five pawns against two rooks and two pawns. After much manoeuvring, mate followed.

Nomads D vs Ravenfield Bishops

Nomads D 4 1 Ravenfield Bishops
Simon Nicholson (w) 1 0 David Tate
Robert Shaw 1 0 Steve Eyre
Jo Woollard 1 0 David Hill
Dave Kesteven 1 0 Martin Wilkes
Ashley Rogers 0 1 Phil Dexter

Nomads won the toss, and chose white on odd boards.

Robert gained a couple of pawns early on, then swapped down to just a rook, a knight and pawns each. Both players promoted, but neither new queen lasted long. Robert ended up with a king and rook against a bare king, then Steve’s flag fell.

Jo also gained an early pawn, then she traded a knight for a bishop before gaining a full bishop, a decisive advantage. Simon went into the endgame with four pawns to one. When he forced promotion, his opponent resigned.

Ashley and Phil swapped down to rooks and pawns, then Phil outmanoeuvred Ashley, forcing promotion, so Ashley resigned. Meanwhile, after exchanging minor pieces and castling kingside, Dave sacrificed his queen to force mate.

Steve Eyre Vs Robert Shaw, 3/5/16

Woodseats B v Nomads D

A great result for Nomads D on their visit to the 5th division champions, Woodseats B. Wins for Les and Dave gave us an early lead, before Woodseats brought it back to 2-2. Simon, in his first match for a year, secured us at least a point with a win which left just Ashley and Stephen still playing. Ashley was material up, but short on time, a draw was agreed securing the win.

Woodseats B 2.5 – 3.5 Nomads D
Steve Moon 0-1 Les Day
Brendan Ashmore 0-1 Simon Nicholson
Dave Cook 1-0 Eric McKenna
Michael Mullin 1-0 Jo Woollard
Dave Margerison 0-1 Dave Kesteven
Stephen Daykin 0.5-0.5 Ashley Rogers

Nomads D vs Ravenfield

Ravenfield Nomads D
David Tate 1 0 Keith Wicks (w)
Steve Eyre 0 1 Robert Shaw
D Hill 0 1 Jo Woollard
Martin Wilkes 0 1 Dave Kesteven
Graham Peacock 0.5 0.5 Gordon Shaw

Robert traded two minor pieces for a rook and pawn early on, then after a misstep won a knight outright before eventually mating.

Jo and her opponent both castled king-side. Jo quickly developed both knights, positioning a bishop on g2, then exchanged two knights for two bishops and won a rook for a knight, ending up in this position:

Facing mate, her opponent resigned.

Keith stated with a knight for bishop exchange, then gained a bishop, leaving him with two rooks, a bishop, and six pawns against two rooks and six pawns, but then David won a bishop back, before swapping off all the pieces. With just pawns left, David promoted, and Keith resigned.

Dave and Martin exchanged off minor pieces, castling king-side, but then Dave gained material, going into the endgame with a rook and five pawns against a knight and four pawns. After some manoeuvring Dave forced promotion, and mate soon followed.

Gordon and Graham swapped queens off early. After some more exchanges he lost a rook for a knight, ending up with a knight and five pawns against a rook and four pawns, then put up a solid defence, reaching this position.

Here, with under 10 minutes left on both clocks, Graham offered a draw, which Gordon quickly accepted.

Worksop C vs Nomads D

Worksop C Nomads D
Andrew Smith (w) 1/2 1/2 Eric McKenna (b)
Ian Barker 0 1 Robert Shaw
H Osbourne 0 1 Jo Woollard
Alan Story 1 0 Dave Kesteven
A Proctor 1 0 Gordon Shaw
Ross Phillips 0 1 Sam Humphrey

Eric gained a pawn early on, then castled king-side, exchanging queens on move 12, then bishops. Soon after, the position deadlocked, and a draw was agreed.

Robert won a bishop, completely missed a chance to capture Ian’s queen, but still managed to find a checkmate.

Jo and her opponent exchanged off both bishops, then she castled king-side and won the queen, leaving her with a queen, a rook, two knights, and six pawns, against a rook, two knights, and six pawns. Once she developed a strong mating threat Osbourne resigned.

The early exchanges left Dave with a queen, rook, bishop, and six pawns against a queen, rook, bishop, and five pawns. Dave then lost a bishop for a pawn, but delivered mate with his queen and rook.

Gordon won a bishop early on, then swapped one of the rooks off. Soon after, Gordon’s king came under attack. To block the mate threat he would have needed to sacrifice material, and still been left facing connected passed pawns, so he decided to resign rather than play on in an unviable position.

Sam offered Ross his knight on move 9, in an attempt to break open Ross’s pawns, but Ross declined this gambit. However, Sam still got his queen to g6, checking Ross’s castled king, then brought his bishop to h6, before putting his queen on h5, setting up a potential discovered check. Once he drove Ross’s queen off the seventh rank, mate quickly followed, Sam’s first victory for our club.

Sam Humphrey vs Ross Phillips

Robert Shaw vs Ian Barker

All commentary welcome.

Nomads D vs Woodseats B

Nomads D Woodseats B
Keith Wicks (b) 0.5 0.5 Steve Moon
Eric McKenna 0.5 0.5 Brendan Ashmore
Robert Shaw 0 1 Dave Cook
Jo Woollard 1 0 Michael Mullin
Sam Humphrey 0 1 David Margenson
Ashley Rogers 0 1 Martyn Edwards

Keith was the first to finish. When Steve accidentally touched his own queen, forcing him to lose it, Keith sportingly offered him a draw instead. Eric played the English Opening, leading a deadlocked position, and a second draw.

After much manoeuvring, Ashley was checkmated while Sam’s opponent forced promotion. However, Jo had a strong queenside attack which culminated in mate, with her queen on f7, supported by a pawn.

Early on, Robert traded his queen for a rook and knight rather than losing an whole piece, but blundered away his own knight. Fortunately, he somehow managed to regain a rook, leaving him level on material. After swapping down to a pawn-only endgame, both players promoted on move 40. Robert had a pawn advantage, and a few more minutes on the clock, but didn’t feel this was enough to win, so a draw was agreed.

Nomads D v Ravenfield Knights

Nomads D 2-2 Ravenfield Knights
Peter Morton 1-0 Roy Evans
Jo Woollard 1-0 Barry Shaw
Sam Humphrey 0-1 Michael Hoyes
Ashley Rogers 0-1 Peter Sharman

A busy night at the club with 18 boards in total saw the D team take on the newly formed team for this season, Ravenfield Knights. We welcomed Sam for his first game for the club. Ravenfield, playing two nights running, were a little under strength, as were we due to the B team playing the same evening.

Sam was first to finish, starting with a loss, unfortunately I did not see any of his game but he said he had really enjoyed the experience and is keen to play again. Ashley followed Sam, again, due to my own time troubles, I did not see any of his game, sorry Ashley.

So 2-0 down I was next to finish, I was two, then three pawns up, but Barry had a strong kingside attack which I had to fend off first. Eventually I managed to swap off leaving a rook each, me 5 pawns and him 3. After a bit of manoeuvring I managed to promote the c pawn at which point he resigned.

Peter was last to finish, up on material he eventually pushed his advantage home and we managed to get the draw. Result 2-2.

Sasca E vs Nomads D

Sasca E Nomads D
J Ryalls (w) 0 1 Eric McKenna (b)
F Kay 1/2 1/2 Dave Kesteven
C Deery 1/2 1/2 Robert Shaw
C Wilson 1/2 1/2 Jo Woollard
D Evans 1 0 Gordon Shaw
J Speakman 1 0 Ashley Rogers

After the  opening exchanges, Eric was left slightly down on material, with a queen, bishop, rook, and pawns against a queen, knight, two rooks, and pawns, but he defended strongly, eventually trapping his opponents queen. They promptly resigned.

Robert declined the queen’s gambit, and ended up in a pawn endgame. Unable to force promotion, he exchanged off the last pawns, leaving bare kings for a draw,

At move 28, Gordon had only a queen, two rooks, a bishop, and three pawns against a queen, two rooks, two knights, and six pawns, but he also had an extra ten minutes on the clock. When his opponent narrowly made the time control, and gained a rook, Gordon resigned.

Against Ashley’s Kings Indian attack, his opponent went with a modern defence. Ashley lost a rook to an pin on move 12 but soon managed to regain some material so by move 18 Ashley had a bishop, rook and five pawns versus two rooks and seven pawns. However, his major pieces were tied down defending his king from his opponent’s rooks, and  he could not see a way to mount an effective attack or push a pawn through to promotion so resigned on move 37

Jo and her opponent both castled king-side, exchanging bishops and knights, eventually ending up in a deadlocked position.



Worksop C vs Nomads D

Worksop C 1 3 Nomads D
Ian Barker 1 0 Robert Shaw (w)
Alan Story 0 1 Jo Woollard
Cliff Briggs 0 1 Dave Kesteven
Ross Philips 0 1 Gordon Shaw

We won the toss, and chose white on odds.

Gordon won his game in just twelve moves, mating Ross on his back rank with the queen, supported by the bishop.

Robert’s game also started promisingly, but then he blundered on move 23, allowing Ian to deliver check with a discovered attack on the queen. Robert played on for a few more moves, looking for tactical options, then resigned.

Dave gained material early on, going into the middle game with a queen, two rooks and five pawns against a queen, rook, knight and five pawns. He swapped the queens off on move 30, then forced a rook exchange, which left him with a passed pawn on the d file.

Further exchanges left Dave with a rook and three pawns against a knight and three pawns. After some manoeuvring,  Dave win the knight with a promotion threat, and Cliff resigned,

Jo was the last to finish.  She also gained material in early exchanges, ending up with a two rooks and six pawns against a rook, bishop, and five pawns. Jo doubled her rooks on the e file, then won Alan’s rook with a fork, at which point he resigned.

Sheffield Deaf vs Nomads D

Sheffield Deaf 4 0 Nomads D
Michael Freund (b) 1 0 Peter Morton
Peter Sharpe 1 0 Robert Shaw
Mick Simmons 1 0 Jo Woollard
David Whiston 1 0 Ashley Rogers

Ashley lost a rook to a knight fork early on, then his opponent forced a bishop swap, giving him an overwhelming material advantage.

Robert swapped off a knight and opposite coloured bishops, then lost his remaining knight to a queen fork. A mate threat forced him to give up his queen, and mate soon followed.

Jo and Mick both castled king side. After a quiet looking opening, they swapped off rooks, then queens. By the midgame,  they were both down to a rook, bishop, knight, and six pawns each, though Jo had a passed pawn, a theoretical advantage. However, after some manoeuvring, she lost her rook and resigned.

On board one, Peter had a promising opening, with decent development, but his opponent gained first a bishop then a rook, after which Peter also resigned.

Overall, a disappointing result, though the games were closer than the scoreline might suggest.



Sasca E vs Nomads D

Sasca E Nomads D
M Hemmingway 1 0 Eric McKenna (b)
B Hemmingway 1 0 Robert Shaw
C Deery 0 1 Jo Woollard
D Evans 1/2 1/2 Gordon Shaw

Sasca won the toss, and chose white on odds.

Jo exchanged a bishop and knight early, then castled kingside while her opponent castled queenside. She made good use of her rooks, squeezing her opponent until he resigned.

Robert got his queen trapped in the midgame, trading it for a knight and bishop. He played on for a while, looking for tactical resources, but when he was reduced to rook and pawns against queen and pawns, he resigned,

Gordon’s opponent captured his rook on a1 fairly early, leaving him down on material and under strong pressure, but during the following exchanges Gordon gained three pawns,  and pinned his opponents rook against their queen, winning a rook for a bishop, thus restoring approximate material parity. After some manoeuvring, a draw was agreed.

Eric was the last to finish. Early on, he castled kingside, getting a solid position with decent development, then won a bishop for a pawn, giving him a clear material advantage.  By move 22,  he was also comfortably ahead on time, with 15 minutes left on the clock to his opponents five.

However, this small advantage proved insufficient. After much manoeuvring,  Eric resigned, faced with decisive material loss and probable mate.



Steve Eyre vs Robert Shaw

Graham Peacock vs Gordon Shaw

Nomads D vs Ravenfield Bishops

Ravenfield Bishops 1.5 4.5 Nomads D
David Tate (b) 0 1 Keith Wicks
Rob Beevers 0 1 Eric McKenna
David Hill 1 0 Dave Kesteven
Steve Eyre 0.5 0.5 Robert Shaw
Martin Wilkes 0 1 Jo Woollard
Graham Peacock 0 1 Gordon Shaw

Jo won the toss.

Robert pinned Steve’s knight against his queen, trying to set up a pin on the queen itself, but when the exchanges were resolved both players were left with a rook and four pawns., so a draw was soon agreed.

After some early exchanges, Gordon gained a queen, then traded his queen for a mate.

Dave and David both castled king-side, swapping off minor pieces. Dave  generated promising mating threats, but David manoeuvred through them to mate him.

Eric went a bishop up early on, trading off both knights for a clear material advantage.  After some manoeuvring,  he mated Robert’s exposed king  with his queen, supported by a distant bishop.

Keith swapped down to queen, rook and 7 pawns against a queen, rook and just five pawns, then forced promotion. Once he had two queens, mate quickly followed.

Jo and Martin both castled king-side.  Jo established a strong defensive position, then won both rooks, gaining a pawn in the process.  Once the minor pieces were swapped off, she advanced a pawn to the sixth rank, forced a queen exchange, then promoted, leaving her with a queen, two rooks, and six pawns against just three pawns. There was still a chance of stalemate traps, but Jo avoided those and forced mate.



Nomads D vs Worksop C

Nomads E Worksop C
Eric McKenna (w) 1 0 H Osborne
Dave Kesteven 0 1 Tim England
Jo Woollard 0.5 0.5 Alan Story
Natasha Withington 0 1 Ross Phillips

Playing the English opening, Eric put his bishop on g2 and quickly went two pawns up then castled king-side.  In the mid-game he won the queen with a knight fork, then pinned his opponent’s rook.  Osborne promptly resigned.

Jo also played the English opening, putting her bishop on g2 and castling king-side.  Eventually, Alan traded his queen for a rook, then immediately won Jo’s queen with a knight fork, but Jo captured his knight, leaving her with a bishop, knight and five pawns against a bishop, rook, and five pawns, a slight disadvantage but not decisive. A draw was soon offered, and accepted.

Dave developed his pieces solidly, avoiding speculative gambits, then swapped down to queen, rook and knight, with a one pawn deficit. After much manoeuvring, the queens were swapped off, but then Tim forced mate.

Natasha went a knight down early on, then lost her queen to a knight fork, and her knight was forced to retreat to h5.  Ross then forced an exchange of the remaining rooks, before pressing home the attack. Faced with multiple strong mating threats Natasha resigned.


Nomads D vs Woodseats B

Nomads D 1 4 Woodseats B
Keith Wicks 0 1 Steve Moon (b)
Eric McKenna 1/2 1/2 Dave Cook
Robert Shaw 1/2 1/2 Brendan Ashmore
Jo Woollard 0 1 Martyn Edwards
Ashley Rogers 0 1 Michael Mullin

Robert was the first to finish. Early on, he traded a knight and bishop for a rook and two pawns, which is theoretically a material advantage but leaves less scope for manoeuvre.  He tried to build an attack, but could not see a clear way to break through, so played for a draw.

Eric and Dave both castled kingside, swapping off minor pieces. Eric came under pressure on g7, but defended strongly, deadlocking the position.

Keith’s midgame pawn structure looked pretty open, with his king exposed on g3.  Soon, he was left with rook, knight, and three pawns against a rook, five pawns, and a bishop. He traded his knight for a bishop and pawn, then won a pawn with a rook fork, leaving a rook and three pawns against a rook and four pawns. After much manoeuvring, Steve forced promotion, winning the game.

Ashley, our newest player, put up a spirited fight, but eventually lost. Afterwards, he said his first competitive match had been fun.

Jo and her opponent both castled kingside, then swapped off bishop and knight. After further exchanges, Jo ended up with a rook, knight and four pawns against a rook, knight and six pawns, and short on time. She defended well, but the material disadvantage eventually proved insurmountable.




R Shaw vs B Ashmore

Ravenfield Knights v Nomads D

Ravenfield Knights 1.5-2.5 Nomads D
A Shaw 0.5-0.5 Les Day
R Evans 0-1 Eric McKenna
B Shaw 1-0 Dave Kesteven
M Hoys 0-1 Jo Woollard

Another good win for the D team. It was a foggy night for a trip to the newly formed Ravenfield Knights, now playing at Braithwell. Robert had to pull out so Les kindly covered, he was first to finish, agreeing a draw in a fairly locked up position, material equal.

Eric was next to finish with our first win of the evening, apologies Eric, I did’t see any of your game.

I went into the end game with a Rook, Knight and 4 pawns, to my opponents rook and 5 pawns. I manage to win back the extra pawn, then with the knight and rook working together I gained a check which next move would have resulted in my opponent losing his rook, at which point he resigned.

Last to finish, Dave’s game was a bit of a roller coaster, he looked down and out a queen down, but kept going and out of nowhere gained a knight fork on his opponents king and queen getting himself right back into the game. Equal on material, 4 pawns, Dave a Knight and Barry a Bishop, it looked like he might be able to get the draw, but Barry’s a pawn kept advancing and Dave had to sacrifice his knight to stop it. Barry was then able to gobble up Dave’s remaining pawns and Dave resigned.

Sheffield Deaf vs Nomads D

Sheffield Deaf 0.5 3.5 Nomads D
Michael Freund 0.5 0.5 Keith Wicks (w)
Peter Sharpe 0 1 Eric McKenna
Mick Simmons 0 1 Robert Shaw
David Whiston 0 1 Jo Woollard

We won the toss, and played white on odd boards.

Keith and his opponent swapped off queens early, then continued in the same vein. When they were down to a knight, a bishop, and four pawns each, they agreed a draw.

Robert tried a speculative knight sacrifice, generating significant pressure on Mick’s king, but was unable to force immediate mate. After swapping queens off, Robert won a bishop with a rook fork, then pressed home his material advantage, eventually mating the black king on h3.

Eric began by swapping off minor pieces then, after much manoeuvring , trapped his opponent’s queen on his back rank. They promptly resigned.

Jo was the last to finish.  After a quiet start she went into the middle game even on material – queen, two rooks, two bishops and a knight against queen, two rooks, two knights and a bishop.  She then won a bishop and pawn for a knight, giving her a slight material advantage, but was unable to break through. Eventually though, her opponent’s flag fell.



R Shaw vs M Simmons

Nomads D v Sheffield Deaf

Nomads D 1.5-2.5 Sheffield Deaf
Keith Wicks 0.5-0.5 Mike Freund
Dave Kesteven 0-1 Peter Sharpe
Jo Woollard 1-0 Mick Simmons
Jamie Dormer 0-1 David Whiston

A late withdrawl and player shortage eventually ended with a late phone call to Steve, who somehow managed to magic up yet another friend who plays chess to fill the gap. Jamie was first to finish, but enjoyed his experience and is willing to give it another go, thanks go to him for playing at such short notice. Dave felt he was struggling from early on but made Peter work for the victory, then Keith & Mike agreed the draw. With 2 rooks each, Mick a Knight and me a bishop, I was two pawns up (6 to 4) when Mick gave his Knight away and he resigned straight after.