Nomads C – Barnsley C

Nomads C 5.5 0.5 Barnsley C
Geoff Frost(W) 1 0 Vlad Shaposhnikov
Henry Withington 1 0 Russell Roe
Steve Withington 0.5 0.5 Anthony Steele
Keith Wicks 1 0 Robbie Merc
Les Day 1 0 Alan Taylor
Eric McKenna 1 0 Tony Leon

Nomads C team’s convincing 5.5 to 0.5 win against Barnsley C was an excellent end to a good season. As Nomads had already won their division and secured their promotion nothing hinged on this match. All the same the Nomads did the necessaries, and got a result that bodes well for next season when they face the much bigger task of winning division three.


Nomads C vs Darnall & Handsworth

Nomads C 5 1 Darnall & Handsworth B
Henry Withington (w) 0.5 0.5 Danny Dawson
Steve Withington 1 0 Craig Chatterton
John Woollard 1 0 Robert Black
Duncan Chambers 1 0 Brian Stephenson
Les Day 1 0 Bob Lindsay
Eric McKenna 0.5 0.5 Mick Turnidge

Many of the games were close, but Nomads C had a good result with 5 – 1, and have now won the forth division.

Nomads C vs Rotherham B

Nomads C 0 6 Rotherham B
Henry Withington 0 1 A Baxter
Steve Withington 0 1 Chris Willey
Duncan Chambers 0 1 P Sharp
Keith Wickes 0 1 E Sowerby
Les Day 0 1 M Snowdon
Eric McKenna 0 1 C Whitehouse

Rotherham B delivered Nomads C’s worst, and only second, defeat of the season. A confident Nomads side was left wondering what had happened, after losing on all boards. Well played Rotherham.

Nomads C vs Ecclesall D

Nomads C 5.5 0.5 Ecclesall D
Milan Zpevak 1 0 Elliott Spencer
Henry Withington 1 0 John Speck
Steve Withington 1 0 John Robertson
Duncan Chambers 0.5 0.5 John Eddershaw
Keith Wickes 1 0 Ivan Basarab-Horwath
Les Day 1 0 Ken Scott

The 5½ – ½ score did not reflect the closeness of many of the games. Nomads C continue an excellent season.

Nomads C vs Stannington C

Nomads C 6 0 Stannington C
Geoff Frost 1 0 John Neely
Arjun Babu 1 0 Alan Sutton
Henry Withington 1 0 Ron Keenan
Milan Zpevak 1 0 Ken Keenan
Steve Withington 1 0 Paul Cheshire
Pete Morton 1 0 Glen Marvin

A Nomads C team featuring a returning Milan, and strengthened by Geoff and Arjun produced the goods this evening.

The walk from town to Duke Street Trades and Labour club goes across the Parkway roundabout, which is surprisingly picturesque and a pleasant end to the evening for those of us who head back into town to catch the bus home.

Darnall & Handsworth B vs Nomads C

Darnall & H B 1 5 Nomads C
Keith Booth 0 1 Henry Withington
Robert Black 0.5 0.5 Steve Withington
Brian Stephenson 0 1 Duncan Chambers
Bob Lindsay 0 1 Keith Wicks
Mick Turnidge 0.5 0.5 Eric McKenna
DEFAULT 0 1 Les Day

A great night at Darnall and Handsworth, who must be complimented on the excellent selection of beers they provided. My favourite was Sheppard Neame’s Brilliant Ale.

Nomads C face Stannington tomorrow.

SASCA RJ D vs Nomads C

SASCA RJ D 0.5 5.5 Nomads C
Sammy Benzaira 0 1 Henry Withington
Marek Krajici 0 1 Steve Withington
S Kay 0.5 0.5 Duncan Chambers
C Wilson 0 1 Keith Wicks
D Evans 0 1 Les Day
D Harris 0 1 Eric McKenna

Nomads faced a somewhat under-strength SASCA, and were able to get the win, and continue their march towards (hopefully) winning the division.

Nomads C vs Chestefield C

Nomads C 2 4 Chesterfield C
Henry Withington 1/2 1/2 I Edmundson
Steve Withingon 0 1 Brian Crofts
Duncan Chambers 0 1 T Amarnath
Keith Wicks 1/2 1/2 J Riley
Les Day 0 1 R May
Eric McKenna 1 0 H Schofield

What should have been a pretty evenly contested match became something of a walk-over for Chesterfield. Les lost his queen very early and resigned, only minutes later for Steve’s position to crumble entirely from what should have been a drawn position. Duncan faired little better. A win from Eric and draws from Keith and Henry were not enough to save the day, and Chesterfield C convincingly stopped Nomads C’s unbroken run without defeat.

Clay Cross B vs Nomads C

Clay Cross B 2 4 Nomads C
Brian Lever 0 1 Henry Withington
Neil Cameron 1 0 Steve Withington
Brian Readhead 0 1 Duncan Chambers
Jerome Redhead 0.5 0.5 Keith Wicks
Keith Myhill 0.5 0.5 Les Day
Frank Pearson 0 1 Eric McKenna


Steve’s promising early attack floundered and Neil’s powerful queenside counter attack proved swift and lethal. Wins for Henry and Eric, and draws for Les and Keith left Duncan needing only a draw for match victory. Brian was under pressure and in a slightly worse position than Duncan and he eventually resigned.

Nomads C vs Clay Cross B

Nomads C 4 2 Clay Cross B
Henry Withington 1 0 Brian Lever
John Woollard 0 1 Neil Cameron
Steve Withington 1 0 Brian Readhead
Keith Wicks 1 0 Jerome Redhead
Les Day 1 0 Keith Myhill
Eric McKenna 0 1 Frank Pearson


A finely balanced match was decided only when Henry had won against Brian. Nomads C are now joint top of the table with Stannington C with two games in hand.

Stannington C vs Nomads C

Stannington C 2 – 4 Nomads C
Ray Trigg 0 – 1 Henry Withington (W)
John Neely 1 – 0 John Woollard
Chris Allen 0 – 1 Steve Withington
Ron Keenan 1 – 0 Peter Morton
John Helliwell 0 – 1 Duncan Chambers
Glen Marvin 0 – 1 Keith Wicks

The Nomads C team 2015 – 2016 campaign continued last night with a good victory against Stannington C. Old Nomad, Ray Trigg fell to Henry after a difficult endgame. A congress weary Woollard suffered a rare defeat, and Steve was two pawns down. But a refreshing pint of Screech Owl (particularly good in the New Barrack Tavern) inspired some deft tactics and the game ended in further triumph for the Nomads.

Wins for Keith and Duncan ensured a four two match score, another excellent result for the C team.

Division 4 - 28 Oct 2015
Division 4 – 28 Oct 2015


Chesterfield C vs Nomads C

There was a beautiful sunset (picture above) as the Nomads set off for Chesterfield.

Henry lost fairly early on, and Dave turned down a draw from a commanding position only to lose. Les, Peter and Eric all secured wins. Nomads only needed a draw to win from here. Steve was in a queens and pawns endgame with two extra pawns. Despite the advantage, the game was sharp and there were a few times when it looked like Mr Amarnath was going to salvage a draw or even win. In the end he timed out after a very interesting endgame. So a great start to the season for Nomads C.

Chesterfield C 2-4 Nomads C
Brian Crofts 1-0 Henry Withington
T Amarnath 0-1 Steve Withington
J Devine 0-1 Les Day
J Lindebaun 0-1 Peter Morton
G Allen 0-1 Eric McKenna
John Riley 1-0 Dave Kesteven