A good turnout for the first night matches in the Club League. We had 11 out of the 15 entered turn up giving us 5 games. one in Division 1 & two each in Divisions 2 & 3. Winners on the night were Geoff in Div 1. Eric in Div 2 & Reggie & Sam in Div 3. Steve & Keith drew in Div 2. All results have been entered on to the tables. Looking forward to our second Club League night on August 15th.
Cheers Lez

Club League 2017/18

Hi All

The Club League will be starting on Tuesday 11th July at Trades & Labour Club 7.45-8pm. The plan is to have have 2 more nights during the Summer season on the 15th August & 19th September, to kickstart the competition before the league starts in October. Depending on amount of players taking part, we will be making Divisions of between 4-6 players where there will be an all play all, playing each player twice one as white, other black. So each player will be playing a minimum of 6 games & a maximum of 10 in the year. The games will played over the normal League time control. Players can contact their opponent anytime throughout the year to arrange to play their games. I will be giving each player a list of the players in their Division with their phone number & email address on & which of these would be their prefered method of contact. There will be constant updates on the Nomads website of results & new League positions as results are sent through to me. We have had a great response so far with 8 players interested in playing, they are
Jeremy Hamm,
Henry Withington,
Steve Withington,
Keith Wicks,
Rob Nield,
Eric Mckenna,
Robert Shaw
Lez Day

I would really appreciate everyone getting in touch whether they want to play or not by the 30th June so we can get things finalised & ready to start on 11th July. You can do this by either email,phone or text my number is 07888745616. If all players can play on the 3 nights planned during the summer I would envisage players having to play on average 1 game every 5-8 weeks during the League from October – June, which should not interfere with players League games. We will during the course of the season set aside nights when there is no League or cup chess to play matches in our Club League. Thanks to everyone who has responded so far & look forward to everyone else replying A.S.A.P please. If you have any questions or want anymore information please don’t hesitate to ask.

Many Thanks


Tony Goddard dies aged 69

I heard the sad news yesterday evening that Tony Goddard has been found dead in his flat. Tony played several games of chess for Nomads in 2013. He was a well-known Sheffield character, a highly intelligent man and a complex individual. Tony was an extremely strong Go (Wei Qi) player who had played many times at an international level. In 2008 he represented Great Britain at the Beijing World Mind Sports Games.
Although I’d known Tony well since 2003, it was upon his return from Beijing that he and I began to regularly play Xiang Qi (Chinese Chess). Tony even wrote a computer program that played Xiang Qi which he demonstrated to the public at Access Space, Sheffield.
Tony was a mathematician, something of an historian and a linguist. His view of the world was thoughtful and often nuanced. His dry wit was legendary, as was his inability to suffer fools gladly.
Antony Goddard 1947 - 2017
As a younger man he had worked as a computer programmer in many countries, including the USA, Saudi Arabia and Thailand. He had travelled in Iran and Afghanistan in the 1970s. He was something of a raconteur and had a wealth of stories with which he delighted audiences. To the dismay of his employers and other ex-pats Tony said he always seemed to prefer the company of the locals whilst abroad, often going native. The adventure he recalled to me of his time in a Washington ghetto was always my favourite.

Tony ate with chopsticks and loved cats. He enjoyed a good smoke and an occasional glass of wine. A man with a good heart, and a fine mind, he will be missed by those who knew him.

Steve Withington

Tony Goddard’s website

Henry wins the Ecclesall Chess Club 2016 Championship

Sunday was a very enjoyable day of chess at Ecclesall’s venue – Dore and Totley Golf Club. The small Nomads contingent was made up of father and son duo, Steve and Henry Withington, both eager to win something.

The Championship was a six round rapid-play tournament, with each player having 30 minutes on the clock for all the moves.

The first round was less than an ideal start for Henry, who was drawn against his father. Despite Henry’s patricidal onslaught, Steve was able to mount a strong counter-attack and a draw was agreed. But this was to be the only game Henry didn’t win. He scored 5½ points from six rounds, putting him one point ahead of nearest rival, and club champion, Peter Hempson. With three points Steve also picked up a grading prize.

A big thank you to Ecclesall Chess Club for hosting this excellent event.

And here is Alan McIntosh’s report from the Ecclesall website:

The annual Ecclesall Club Championship took place at our home venue, the Dore and Totley Golf Club, on Sunday 20th November. It was a 6 round swiss tournament, with 30 minutes per player per game. The entry fee was £3.50, plus an optional £6.50 for the food that was available, and the event was open to all Ecclesall Club members and invited guests. The tournament was well represented by our guests. Regulars such as Mark Allison and Bill Ward from Woodseats, Paul Fletcher from Stannington, and ‘newcomers’ such as Steve and Henry Withington from Nomads, all turned up to support the event. 18 players took part in total and all the entry fee money was returned in prizes: £20 1st prize, £15 2nd prize, £10 3rd prize and 2 x £10 grading prizes (one for the middle third and one for the bottom third of ranked players).
Henry Withington was drawn against his lower graded father in the first round and only managed to draw. Thereafter he ‘saw off’ Francis Kay, Paul Fletcher, Stephen Lee, John Neely and Ken McIntosh, to win the tournament outright with 5½.
Our own Peter Hempson, despite a loss in the first round to Stephen Lee and a draw against Ken McIntosh in round 5, finished 2nd with a score of 4½and not for the first time became the Club Champion.
There was a three way tie on 4/6, between Mark Allison, Stephen Lee and John Neely, for 3rd place. The latter two also picking up a half share of the first grading prize.
Paul Fletcher and Ken McIntosh followed with 3½. Then came a clutch of Ecclesall players (Peter Hoare, Alan McIntosh, Elliott Spencer and Norman Wragg) plus two guests (Paul Cheshire and Steve Withington), all on 3/6. These two guests and Elliott, sharing the third grading prize.
Those that scored less than half marks, and indeed some with more than half marks, may have been disappointed with their performance but, all seemed to have a good day. The venue was comfortable, the atmosphere friendly, the food tasty and the chess – brought us together.

The above report is by Alan McIntosh, Ecclesall Chess Club Secretary who also ran the Club Championship.

Many thanks Alan from everyone who attended.

Sheffield Individual Tournaments

The Sheffield Individual Tournaments

Comprising the Bruce Trophy, Holroyd Trophy &
Shapiro Trophy

These will be played as six-round Swiss tournaments spread out over the coming season, with one game scheduled every four to six weeks. In the case of insufficient entries then sections may be combined or a different format may be use
Closing date for entries is Saturday 15th October 2016
Entry Fee: There is no entry fee !!!!

Please send your entry, including
full name
grading reference(s)
postal address
telephone number
email address
date of birth (Juniors only)

To Geoff Brown:
O17O9 837596;    O7931 563787

Shapero Trophy

Nomads at Doncaster Congress

Six Nomads headed over to take part in the Doncaster Congress last weekend. Held at Hall Cross School, previously all sections have taken place in the main hall, but this year a stage production meant space was restricted, so the Open and Minor stayed put while the Major and Intermediates were spread across nearby class rooms.

A first round bye and three wins in the Open gave Sam 3.5 going into the final round, resulting in a pairing on top board with Laurence Webb (217), the highest graded player in the event. The resultant draw, giving Sam 4 out of 5, meant that Thomas Pitcher, who beat Ali Janooby in the final round, was able to come through and pip them both at the post with 4.5. Sam finishing an excellent joint second.

Henry stepped up in section, entering the Major. He had a tough start, two good close games resulted in losses, followed by the full point bye. A further loss followed in round 4, but he bounced back, beating a 164 in his final game, finishing on 2.

Having being under the weather for the last couple of weeks, John decided beforehand he was only going to play the Saturday. Entered in the Intermediates with a half point bye on Friday, his second round opponent was a no show. John received a full point bye and played out a draw with a lower rated player from the Open. A 3rd round win left him on 2.5 and a pretty good chance going into the final day, but he stuck with his decision and withdrew at this stage.

Keith had a great tournament in the Minor. On three out of three he was joint leader going into the last day. A draw in the morning meant he had to win in the afternoon to be in with a chance of first place, and win he did, sharing 1st with one other player on 4.5. This was Keith’s first ever tournament victory, well done Keith!

Eric continued his recent very good form, a loss in the first round was his only defeat, two draws and two wins followed and he finished on 3.

In Johns absence I decided to keep going and returned on the Sunday. By 11.00am I was wishing I hadn’t, a poor defeat and over three and a half hours to kill before the next game was enough for me to throw in the towel and withdraw, finishing on 1.

Ecclesall Social Chess Evening

Ecclesall CC: Invitation to all – Tues 1st March

Ecclesall Chess Club are holding a Social Chess Evening
on Tuesday 1st March 2016 at Dore and Totley Golf Club.

It is believed that there is insufficient opportunity for chess players to play casual chess (and interact socially with players from other chess clubs).

The event is open to all chess players (and even possibly those that wish to learn). There is no charge for attendance although it is hoped that attendees will purchase at least one drink from the bar (teas, coffees, hot chocolate and soft drinks are also available). The event will effectively be whatever the attendees wish to do but it is expected that most players will play casual chess. Some will probably want to go over positions from games/ openings etc. and this will also be available. Some coaching for weaker players may also be available.

Doncaster Chess Congress

Just a reminder of a local(ish) congress coming up soon

Doncaster Chess Congress
Hall Cross School, Thorne Road, Doncaster, DN1 2HY

February 26th – 28th
Contact: Steve Mann Email: Tel: 01709 379 209
4 Swiss sections: Open, Under 176, Under 146, Under 126. Entry fee £31 adults, £26 juniors; less for ECF membership (above Bronze) £7 adults, £5 juniors. Entries to Steve Mann, by post, e-mail or phone

Pete Mitchell

People may have heard the sad news that Pete Mitchell recently died.

His funeral will be on Thursday 21st January 1pm at Hutcliffe Woods Crematorium.

In his recent S&DCA newsletter Brian Lever said of Pete:

Pete Mitchell, local chess player in the Works League and Sheffield Association, has died.
He will be much missed by Ecclesall CC, where he played in all the teams and was the club librarian for many years, and by the many others of us who met him frequently in our away matches there, sometimes sitting face to face with him for two or three hours, wondering what he was plotting.
One begins to suspect that Ecclesall Chess Club is actually an orchestra in disguise; perhaps they should run matches with the accompaniment of a string quartet, because it transpires that, like Joe Morrison, Peter was a keen violinist.
In addition to the fiddle, he also wielded golf sticks and snooker utensils on a regular basis.

Games from the Past

I’ve found a hundred or so Nomads games on the old dokuwiki site dating from May 2012 to June 2014. I shall be adding these to this site over the next few weeks.

To start off here is a Summer League game from May 2012 Hards vs Johnson.

As more games are added you can find them by looking on the left hand side of this site in the archive section. (Notice May 2012 has now appeared there.)

Sheffield Individual Championships Deadline Extended

Deadline for entries is now Saturday 24th October

Sheffield Individual Tournaments

Geoff Brown is organising the Sheffield Individual Championships this year.

These will be played as six-round Swiss tournaments spread out over the coming season, with one game scheduled every four to six weeks. In the case of insufficient entries then sections may be combined or a different format may be used.


Please send your entry, including
full name
grading reference(s)
postal address
telephone number
email address
date of birth (Juniors only)

6 Shoreham Road, Moorgate, Rotherham S60 3EF
phone: O17O9 837596 mobile: O7931 563787

Guide for using the new digital clocks

Apologies, I don’t know how to get images onto here, so this is all text, but hopefully it’s quite straightforward. There are various different settings the new clocks (the burgundy coloured ones) can be used on (there is a list on the bottom of the clocks), but to keep it simple I have just listed below how to get them ready for a Sheffield League match time.

The on / off button is on the bottom of the clock, press that.

A number should appear on the front of the clock. This should be number 5. If it is not number 5, use the + or – buttons on the left of the front of the clock to move this number either up or down. Then press the tick button on the front of the clock.

If it is number 5, then press the tick button on the right of the front of the clock. This will then take you through to the time settings. These should be correct, so all you have to do is keep pressing the tick button to take you through, it will move through two lots of 1.00.00, then show 2 x 15.00, which is the additional time. Keep pressing tick until the clock shows the 1.00 on both sides.

After each of the two times, there is a little symbol – one black and one clear, to show colours. Use the top grey bar (the bit you press when you have played your move) to make sure the black is lined up with the black colours and the clear with the white (this depends on which side of the table you are placing your clock).

It’s then ready to go. To start the clock press the ‘play pause’ button on the front in the centre. The 15 minutes will be added to both clocks when the first clock reaches zero, so it is up to you to make sure your opponent has reached 30 moves by this point.

Switch off when finished, button on bottom of clock.

Anyone who wants any further instruction, just let me know.

Sheffield Individual Tournaments

Sheffield Individual Tournaments

Geoff Brown is organising the Sheffield Individual Championships this year.  

These will be played as six-round Swiss tournaments spread out over the coming season, with one game scheduled every four to six weeks. In the case of insufficient entries then sections may be combined or a different format may be used.

Entries are now invited. Closing date is 15th October 2015

Please send your entry, including
full name
grading reference(s)
postal address
telephone number
email address
date of birth (Juniors only)

6 Shoreham Road, Moorgate, Rotherham S60 3EF
phone: O17O9 837596    mobile: O7931 563787

Draft chess clock text guide.

Warning, this is very much a first draft.  Before I can do a second better draft, I’ll need to see people trying to use this guide and the video, so I can find out which bits people find unclear, and what kind of mistakes people make when trying to use the clocks.


Using the digital clocks.


The pause button is the rightmost of the four on the front, labelled pause.

Press this button once to pause the clock. To restart it, you can press the pause button or either of the two buttons on top. However, if the current player does this their move will end.

To avoid ending a player’s move accidentally, always terminate pause using the pause button.

During pause mode, the light on the top button will go off.

Holding the pause button down for at least three seconds resets the clock’s mode. Don’t do this during a match.


This is the button immediately to the left of the pause button.

Holding this button down displays the current move number on the left screen, but doesn’t stop the clock. There isn’t much need to do this during a match.

It is possible to disable the move counter, but we shouldn’t ever need to do that.

Four way control pad

This is the round button under the left screen. It can be used to select the timer mode.

The options, listed on the underside of the clock, are

  1. Hourglass
  2. Blitz
  3. Tournament
  4. Fischer
  5. Bronstein
  6. Game
  7. User

To use this, first hold the pause button down for three seconds, then use the arrows to navigate though the options.

Up and down move through the suboptions for each mode, also listed on the underside. Left and right move through the modes, or through the mode settings if in a submenu.

The current mode is displayed at the bottom left of the left screen. Be careful, on this display the letter B looks like a number 8.

If the edit button is pressed, pressing the left and right arrows will decrease or increase the value currently selected.

Timing modes


For every second you spend thinking, a second is added to your opponents time, and vice versa.


Standard blitz play. The default is five minutes, but other options can be selected through the control pad.


Standard match play. It’s possible to have up to three phases of play, but we only need two.


A set amount of time is allotted for each move. If a player moves faster than this, the remaining time is added to their clock. The clock can be set to add time before or after each move.


This is similar to Fischer, but it’s not possible for a player’s total time available to increase.

Game + Word

When a player’s time is expired, the clock will start to count up. This is not useful for chess.


Modified versions of any of the standard options, picked by the user.

Edit an existing setting as desired, then press store. Using the up and down arrows to select slot 7A, 7B, or 7C, then press store again.

It’s possible to create asymmetric settings – e.g, giving one player 10 minutes and the other 30 – but we will seldom need to do this.


There are two sliders on the underside of the clock. The one on the right turns it on and off, but can also turn the light and sound off.

The slider on the left can be set to ‘modify’, allowing settings to be edited, or to ‘lock’, preventing settings from being edited. Normally, it should be set to lock.

Nomads Summer Programme

Listed below are the events planned so far for the summer period. All will begin at 7.45p.m at the Trades & Labour Club. If you have any ideas for anything that could be added to a free Tuesday to encourage people along, please contact Jeremy to arrange a date and we shall amend the list.

The club will of course continue to meet every Tuesday outside of these dates.

23rd June Club championship Part 1 (rounds 1-3)
30th June Club championship Part 2 (rounds 4-5)
14th July Handicap tournament
28th July Either games demonstration or endgame theme
1st Sep Phil Ford memorial quickplay
8th Sep Playground football event (pre-season preparation game: League conditions).

On the move

Nomads are on the move! With thanks to Eten café for their hospitality over the last year, we now head to the Trades and Labour Club, 200 Duke Street, Sheffield, S2 5QQ. It’s the first club night next week, Tuesday 19th May, when Paul has kindly agreed to repeat last year’s very successful simul. So, if you’ve not seen the venue yet come along and have a look. If you have, come along anyway 🙂 7.45pm start.

New FIDE rated congress nearby(ish)

For anyone interested, here are the details / link to the webpage of a new congress to be held in Wakefield, with a FIDE rated Open. It does unfortunately clash with Nottingham if that happens to be in your plans.

17th-19th April

Cedar Court Hotel
Denby Dale Road
Calder Grove

FIDE Rated Open
ECF Under 175
ECF Under 135

Sheffield Individual Championship: 2014-15

  • open to anyone in the S & DCA area
  • 6 rounds Swiss or all-play-all, depending on turnout
  • one game per month at Black’s or Junior’s choice of venue
  • free entry
  • playing speed: 24 moves per hour, then 12 each half hour
  • your details by text,  please, or call 07763938623 by 31 October
  • current champion: Chris Shephard
  • I would like more entries than last year, please!
  • “regulars” whom I am phoning individually need not apply separately

John Fryer