Robert Shaw vs David Bedwell

Robert Shaw vs Alexander Pilakoutas

R Shaw vs A Parker

Andrew Hards vs Peter Hulse

H Feather vs R Shaw

R Shaw vs R Lindsay

Jamie Hillman -v- Aram Ter-Gevorkian

Steve Withington vs Oliver Graham

Robert vs B Redhead, Clay Cross 28-2-17

Phil Morgan vs Steve Withington

Nigel Redmond vs Steve Withington

Steve Gibbs vs Steve Withington

Ewan Cormack vs Andrew Hards (2016-17 season)

Andrew Hards vs Yang Guo

Geoff Frost (Nomads B) v Steve Mann (Rotherham A)

Ken McIntosh vs Henry Withington

Steve Housley v Geoff Frost

Andrew Hards vs Martin Howard

Mike Newett (Sheffield A) v Geoff Frost (Sheffield B)

Nathan Gittens vs Henry Withington

John Stevens vs Steve Withington

Gunnar Mallon v Geoff Frost


Henry Withington vs Bill Egan

Saeed Hassani vs Steve Withington

Andrew Hards vs Farshad Ai

Mike Newett vs John Fryer

Andrew Hards vs Tom Wills (2016-17 season)

Pete Catt vs Steve Withington

Norbury’s Nine Pawn Game

This is what Ecclesall player Ken Norbury has been up to lately. Building on the lunacy first explored in “the Shuffleduck,” Ken sets out to prove that for the first dozen or so moves at least, the moving of pieces can be entirely avoided. Instead Ken seeks to push pawns only, in the manner of a beginner scarcely aware of the rules. Welcome to Ken’s “Nine Pawn Game”.

Detailed analysis of this game has yet to be done. Any thoughts or criticisms are more than welcome.

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Steve Eyre Vs Robert Shaw, 3/5/16

Adrian Millward vs Henry Withington

J Speck vs R Shaw

Ivan Basarab-Horwath vs Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw vs Steve Eyre

All comments welcome.

James Marley vs Andrew Hards (2016)

Sam Humphrey vs Ross Phillips

Robert Shaw vs Ian Barker

All commentary welcome.

Dave Cook vs Robert Shaw

Brian Crofts vs Henry Withington

Keith Booth vs Henry Withington

Richardson semi-final – Jeremy’s draw

Bryan Wood vs Robert Shaw

C Deery vs R Shaw

Geoff v Richard Hall

Steve Moon vs Henry Withington

Steve Eyre vs Robert Shaw

Graham Peacock vs Gordon Shaw

Henry Withington vs Joel Thiruchelvan

R Shaw vs B Ashmore

G Shaw vs M Charlton

Facing imminent mate, Gordon’s opponent resigned.