Woodseats B v Nomads D

A great result for Nomads D on their visit to the 5th division champions, Woodseats B. Wins for Les and Dave gave us an early lead, before Woodseats brought it back to 2-2. Simon, in his first match for a year, secured us at least a point with a win which left just Ashley and Stephen still playing. Ashley was material up, but short on time, a draw was agreed securing the win.

Woodseats B 2.5 – 3.5 Nomads D
Steve Moon 0-1 Les Day
Brendan Ashmore 0-1 Simon Nicholson
Dave Cook 1-0 Eric McKenna
Michael Mullin 1-0 Jo Woollard
Dave Margerison 0-1 Dave Kesteven
Stephen Daykin 0.5-0.5 Ashley Rogers

Nomads at Doncaster Congress

Six Nomads headed over to take part in the Doncaster Congress last weekend. Held at Hall Cross School, previously all sections have taken place in the main hall, but this year a stage production meant space was restricted, so the Open and Minor stayed put while the Major and Intermediates were spread across nearby class rooms.

A first round bye and three wins in the Open gave Sam 3.5 going into the final round, resulting in a pairing on top board with Laurence Webb (217), the highest graded player in the event. The resultant draw, giving Sam 4 out of 5, meant that Thomas Pitcher, who beat Ali Janooby in the final round, was able to come through and pip them both at the post with 4.5. Sam finishing an excellent joint second.

Henry stepped up in section, entering the Major. He had a tough start, two good close games resulted in losses, followed by the full point bye. A further loss followed in round 4, but he bounced back, beating a 164 in his final game, finishing on 2.

Having being under the weather for the last couple of weeks, John decided beforehand he was only going to play the Saturday. Entered in the Intermediates with a half point bye on Friday, his second round opponent was a no show. John received a full point bye and played out a draw with a lower rated player from the Open. A 3rd round win left him on 2.5 and a pretty good chance going into the final day, but he stuck with his decision and withdrew at this stage.

Keith had a great tournament in the Minor. On three out of three he was joint leader going into the last day. A draw in the morning meant he had to win in the afternoon to be in with a chance of first place, and win he did, sharing 1st with one other player on 4.5. This was Keith’s first ever tournament victory, well done Keith!

Eric continued his recent very good form, a loss in the first round was his only defeat, two draws and two wins followed and he finished on 3.

In Johns absence I decided to keep going and returned on the Sunday. By 11.00am I was wishing I hadn’t, a poor defeat and over three and a half hours to kill before the next game was enough for me to throw in the towel and withdraw, finishing on 1.

Nomads D v Ravenfield Knights

Nomads D 2-2 Ravenfield Knights
Peter Morton 1-0 Roy Evans
Jo Woollard 1-0 Barry Shaw
Sam Humphrey 0-1 Michael Hoyes
Ashley Rogers 0-1 Peter Sharman

A busy night at the club with 18 boards in total saw the D team take on the newly formed team for this season, Ravenfield Knights. We welcomed Sam for his first game for the club. Ravenfield, playing two nights running, were a little under strength, as were we due to the B team playing the same evening.

Sam was first to finish, starting with a loss, unfortunately I did not see any of his game but he said he had really enjoyed the experience and is keen to play again. Ashley followed Sam, again, due to my own time troubles, I did not see any of his game, sorry Ashley.

So 2-0 down I was next to finish, I was two, then three pawns up, but Barry had a strong kingside attack which I had to fend off first. Eventually I managed to swap off leaving a rook each, me 5 pawns and him 3. After a bit of manoeuvring I managed to promote the c pawn at which point he resigned.

Peter was last to finish, up on material he eventually pushed his advantage home and we managed to get the draw. Result 2-2.

Doncaster Chess Congress

Just a reminder of a local(ish) congress coming up soon

Doncaster Chess Congress
Hall Cross School, Thorne Road, Doncaster, DN1 2HY

February 26th – 28th
Contact: Steve Mann Email: sjmann@gmx.co.uk Tel: 01709 379 209
4 Swiss sections: Open, Under 176, Under 146, Under 126. Entry fee £31 adults, £26 juniors; less for ECF membership (above Bronze) £7 adults, £5 juniors. Entries to Steve Mann, by post, e-mail or phone

Barnsley v Nomads (400 league)

Barnsley 0.5 – 3.5 Nomads
Anthony Steele 0-1 Les Day
Russel Roe 0.5-0.5 Eric McKenna
Alan Taylor 0-1 Jo Woollard
Mike Charlton 0-1 Gordon Shaw

Our second outing in the 400 league (all team members grades must add up up to less than 400, maximum grade 120) took us to Barnsley. Robert wasn’t well, so Gordon kindly stepped in to his place.

Les was first to finish, around move 6 he made an error which would have resulted in being a piece down. Luckily his opponent didn’t spot this and two moves later Les found himself a piece up! He then simplified and 20 moves later victory came.

Gordon was next to notch up a win, around move 20 he got the first of 12 continuous checks, until finally his opponent had nowhere left to go and Gordon had mate.

After a tight start, I found myself 2 pawns up, which was then followed up with an exchange. Faced with losing a further piece, Alan resigned.

Eric was last to finish, agreeing a draw in a fairly locked up position, giving us victory 0.5 – 3.5.

All was well until I got home to find Mr Wool had accidentally locked me out of the house. What japes ensued…..

Ravenfield Knights v Nomads D

Ravenfield Knights 1.5-2.5 Nomads D
A Shaw 0.5-0.5 Les Day
R Evans 0-1 Eric McKenna
B Shaw 1-0 Dave Kesteven
M Hoys 0-1 Jo Woollard

Another good win for the D team. It was a foggy night for a trip to the newly formed Ravenfield Knights, now playing at Braithwell. Robert had to pull out so Les kindly covered, he was first to finish, agreeing a draw in a fairly locked up position, material equal.

Eric was next to finish with our first win of the evening, apologies Eric, I did’t see any of your game.

I went into the end game with a Rook, Knight and 4 pawns, to my opponents rook and 5 pawns. I manage to win back the extra pawn, then with the knight and rook working together I gained a check which next move would have resulted in my opponent losing his rook, at which point he resigned.

Last to finish, Dave’s game was a bit of a roller coaster, he looked down and out a queen down, but kept going and out of nowhere gained a knight fork on his opponents king and queen getting himself right back into the game. Equal on material, 4 pawns, Dave a Knight and Barry a Bishop, it looked like he might be able to get the draw, but Barry’s a pawn kept advancing and Dave had to sacrifice his knight to stop it. Barry was then able to gobble up Dave’s remaining pawns and Dave resigned.

John Woollard v Paul Blackman

Nomads D v Sheffield Deaf

Nomads D 1.5-2.5 Sheffield Deaf
Keith Wicks 0.5-0.5 Mike Freund
Dave Kesteven 0-1 Peter Sharpe
Jo Woollard 1-0 Mick Simmons
Jamie Dormer 0-1 David Whiston

A late withdrawl and player shortage eventually ended with a late phone call to Steve, who somehow managed to magic up yet another friend who plays chess to fill the gap. Jamie was first to finish, but enjoyed his experience and is willing to give it another go, thanks go to him for playing at such short notice. Dave felt he was struggling from early on but made Peter work for the victory, then Keith & Mike agreed the draw. With 2 rooks each, Mick a Knight and me a bishop, I was two pawns up (6 to 4) when Mick gave his Knight away and he resigned straight after.

Guide for using the new digital clocks

Apologies, I don’t know how to get images onto here, so this is all text, but hopefully it’s quite straightforward. There are various different settings the new clocks (the burgundy coloured ones) can be used on (there is a list on the bottom of the clocks), but to keep it simple I have just listed below how to get them ready for a Sheffield League match time.

The on / off button is on the bottom of the clock, press that.

A number should appear on the front of the clock. This should be number 5. If it is not number 5, use the + or – buttons on the left of the front of the clock to move this number either up or down. Then press the tick button on the front of the clock.

If it is number 5, then press the tick button on the right of the front of the clock. This will then take you through to the time settings. These should be correct, so all you have to do is keep pressing the tick button to take you through, it will move through two lots of 1.00.00, then show 2 x 15.00, which is the additional time. Keep pressing tick until the clock shows the 1.00 on both sides.

After each of the two times, there is a little symbol – one black and one clear, to show colours. Use the top grey bar (the bit you press when you have played your move) to make sure the black is lined up with the black colours and the clear with the white (this depends on which side of the table you are placing your clock).

It’s then ready to go. To start the clock press the ‘play pause’ button on the front in the centre. The 15 minutes will be added to both clocks when the first clock reaches zero, so it is up to you to make sure your opponent has reached 30 moves by this point.

Switch off when finished, button on bottom of clock.

Anyone who wants any further instruction, just let me know.

Nomads Summer Programme

Listed below are the events planned so far for the summer period. All will begin at 7.45p.m at the Trades & Labour Club. If you have any ideas for anything that could be added to a free Tuesday to encourage people along, please contact Jeremy to arrange a date and we shall amend the list.

The club will of course continue to meet every Tuesday outside of these dates.

23rd June Club championship Part 1 (rounds 1-3)
30th June Club championship Part 2 (rounds 4-5)
14th July Handicap tournament
28th July Either games demonstration or endgame theme
1st Sep Phil Ford memorial quickplay
8th Sep Playground football event (pre-season preparation game: League conditions).

On the move

Nomads are on the move! With thanks to Eten café for their hospitality over the last year, we now head to the Trades and Labour Club, 200 Duke Street, Sheffield, S2 5QQ. It’s the first club night next week, Tuesday 19th May, when Paul has kindly agreed to repeat last year’s very successful simul. So, if you’ve not seen the venue yet come along and have a look. If you have, come along anyway 🙂 7.45pm start.

New FIDE rated congress nearby(ish)

For anyone interested, here are the details / link to the webpage of a new congress to be held in Wakefield, with a FIDE rated Open. It does unfortunately clash with Nottingham if that happens to be in your plans.

17th-19th April

Cedar Court Hotel
Denby Dale Road
Calder Grove

FIDE Rated Open
ECF Under 175
ECF Under 135


Nomads E v Clay Cross B

Nomads E 2.5-1.5 Clay Cross B
John Woollard 1-0 Kieran Redhead
Duncan Chambers 0.5-0.5 Mike Colclough
Eric McKenna 0.5-0.5 Brian Lever
Jo Woollard 0.5-0.5 Keith Myhill

With the A & B team both at home I wasn’t sure whether we had the room or equipment to squeeze the E team in as well, so took up Clay Cross on their kind offer to play the game at their venue. John was first to finish, winning after being under the cosh for most of the game, followed by a draw for Eric who decided beforehand he was going to play a fun game. Duncan and Mike also agreed a draw as Mike became short on time which left just Keith and I playing. A few minutes later Keith offered the draw, he had the slightly stronger position so I was happy to accept. He then stated that that meant Clay Cross had won the game. Fair enough I thought, until I picked up the score sheet which someone else had filled in for me on the next table along. Although John had finished first, I hadn’t seen the result of his game. There he was, listed at the top 1-0. Unfortunately for Keith, when he had a cursory glance over at the score sheet he hadn’t realised I had listed our team on the left, it being our home game. He had seen the 1-0 and thought they had won, meaning a draw for him would be sufficient. So a third win out of three games and top of the table so far, great start team!